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[Photos] X-Clusive 2

October 9, 2008

*Sunmi’s JYP voice imitation “i’m back!”

sorry for not updating hehs, i was kinda busy this week school & tests going on.

Lesson 3: How to act embarassed?

1. When you realised that your un-glam act has been flimed/seen

2.Put 2 hands out together

3.Use it to cover your face

4.Laugh away

Lesson 4: How to do a cute twirl

1.Put out both of your arms

-Push your arms out

-Move your left leg behind the right leg

-Move your right leg to the right

2.*repeat move towards the right side

Lesson 5: Pose(S) for neoprint machines

1.Mandoo pose (solo) (i’m everyone knows this)

2.Peace Sign

2.Stick your face together with your friends

3.Back to back

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  1. Reflow permalink
    October 10, 2008 1:12 AM

    LOL CUTE. <3 Thanks for sharing :D

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