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[News] SunMi’s “Novice” Receives Hot Interest From Netizens

October 17, 2008

Netizens are responding with hot interest to the Wonder Girls’ SunMi singing Lexy’s “Novice” on this week’s “So YuJin’s FM Inkigayo’s Wonder Girls Special”.

On Oct. 15, the Wonder Girls were captured having “Nobody YaJa-Time NoRaeBang” (’NoRaeBang’ is Koreans way of saying ‘karaoke’. ‘YaJa-Time’ is when you ignore age and talk on an equal level with each other. In Korean, there are formal, polite, and informal ways of talking – you decide which to use based on age and status.)

During this time, the Wonder Girls laid down questions to each other using BanMal (informal talk). If someone was unable to gave an inappropriate response or forgot to use BanMal, then they were punished by having to sing.

On this day, YeEun picked out SunMi, “Unni was very hungry and you said you were going to put on clothes, then 30 minutes passed and the result was that we couldn’t eat you know.”

The full story came out when SunMi explained her side of what happened on the day they were moving. SunMi said to YeEun, “I’m completely hungry”, so she made plans to go out and eat with YeEun. However, SunMi took around 30 minutes to pick out the clothes and put them on, and the result was that YeEun had to go out to eat alone.

During that time, YeEun had called out pathetically, “SunMi-ya, Unni is hungry~”. Due to them being in the middle of moving, the clothes weren’t organized, so mindlessly SunMi replied while trying to pick out her clothes, “You go ahead!”.

Even though SunMi did make an excuse to YeEun’s cross-examination, the rest of the members and So YuJin took YeEun’s side, so the young member was given the penalty of singing “Novice”.

The response to her singing was hot by netizens everywhere: “Why are my eyes and ears so happy like this?”, “The perfectly pretty SunMi’s voice”, “SunMi, I believe you and you can sing this well”, “I’ve always liked Sunmi’s mid-tone voice. I wished a lot of people did as well, and then I saw the search standings go up and was happy”.

(sources: korean economy news, ibtimes)

credits to wgjjang


Sunmi – Novice mp3 rip


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  1. kerogero permalink
    November 15, 2008 1:33 PM

    i love her singing! go sunmi~

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