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[News] SNSD Discusses Wonder Girls’ 2008 090106

January 7, 2009

Spectacle! Witness The Wonder

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Girls’ Generation (SNSD): “We were sincere in cheering on our rival, the Wonder Girls, during their fierce activities schedule.”

By Kim HyungWoo @ Newsen (

wgsnsdCredits: Jee HyungJoon @ Newsen (

Girls’ Generation revealed their feelings on seeing last year’s rival, the Wonder Girls, take on their fierce activities schedule. Girls’ Generation (YoonA, SooYoung, YuRi, SeoHyun, Jessica, Sunny, TaeYeon, HyoYeon, Tiffany) discussed their excitement at their comeback with Newsen on the 6th .

On this day, Girls’ Generation spoke candidly about the Wonder Girls stating, “Our members are very close with the Wonder Girls” and “We really liked the Wonder Girls’ songs <So Hot> and <Nobody> too.”

Girls’ Generation concluded their group activities last April and took a break for nine months. During this time, their rivals the Wonder Girls took on a fierce schedule upon charting major hits consecutively with <So Hot> and <Nobody>. Their activities proved impressive as they were prime contenders for each of the awards ceremonies held at the end of the year. It wouldn’t have been unreasonable for Girls’ Generation to see their rival’s actions in a different light while watching from the sidelines.

Girls’ Generation admitted, “Our bodies were a bit restless at seeing the Wonder Girls participate in their activities” but “We still liked the Wonder Girls enough to follow their dances and sing along to their songs in our dorms. Whenever the Wonder Girls came onstage we watched them with feelings of encouragement.”

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[Translated by WonderSubber, ppopki @wgspectacle]
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