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[News] WG Rally for Return in Second-Half of 2009 090106

January 7, 2009

Wonder Girls, “Good-bye” to Appearances in the First-Half of the Year.. Rally for Second-Half Comeback
By Gil HyeSung @ MoneyToday StarNews

indexlink_imagephp1The popular 5-member group, the Wonder Girls, are planning to meet fans with new songs in the second-half of this year.

A party for the Wonder Girls revealed the news to MoneyToday’s StarNews on the 6th stating, “The Wonder Girls, who completed their activities for <Nobody> at the end of last year, won’t be making any appearances in which they sing together as a group during the first-half of the year.”

They added, “The Wonder Girls will be traveling between Korea and the US in order to work on their new songs and they plan to approach their fans with the new songs in the second-half of the year. We hope that people continue to show interest in the Wonder Girls even as they take a break from TV appearances and work hard on their music.”

According to the party, the activities currently on the official schedule for the Wonder Girls’ first-half of the year include a solo-concert event to be held on February 14 and CF filming activities.

After their debut in 2007, the Wonder Girls arose as the “National Little Sisters” with <Tell Me> and seized the on/offline markets last year with their May release, <So Hot>, and <Nobody> which was released in late-September. The Wonder Girls brought their 4th project album activities for <Nobody> to a close on December 31 at MBC’s 2008 Music Festival.

[Original Article: Star News]
[Translated by WonderSubber, ppopki @wgspectacle]
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