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[News] Wonder Girls with students from inet-school on ‘JYP Tour’ 090113

January 13, 2009

On Jan. 7, students were given the opportunity to spend the afternoon with the Wonder Girls and given a tour of the JYP Entertainment Center in CheongDam.


Fifteen members of the online instruction INet School spent the whole afternoon with the Wonder Girls receiving a tour of JYP Entertainment facilities, learning dance, having fan signing, and more.

The students were selected based on auditions that picked those who have the most interest in becoming an artist. They were given a chance to chat with the Wonder Girls about being artists. Feedback from the event was positive as the participating teenagers said they learned how important effort and passion was along with the lesson that nothing can be accomplished without hard work.


This past July, the JYP Inquiry event started in earnest with a cooperation program between online instruction website, INet School, and global entertainment company, JYP Entertainment. Now there is increasing interest for “JYP Inquiry – America Tour”. The tour will include a visit to JYPE New York Center and the Ivy League universities (Harvard, Yale, Brown, etc.) with a chance to meet Park JinYoung and J-Lim.

(sources: JeongWook @ freezonenews + yeonhap news)

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