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[NEWS] Students Fined for Fight at WG Performance 090115

January 16, 2009

College Students Who Fought to See Wonder Girls Up-Close Fined
By Shin JongChul @ BreakNews

A number of college students who resorted to assault and battery in order to see the popular girls group, the Wonder Girls, up-close have been fined.

According to investigative reports, the incident occurred on May 28 of last year at 5:50 P.M. during the Wonder Girls’s performance at a festival held in InCheon University’s auditorium.

A group of three college students who were friends (noted as ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’) wanted to see the Wonder Girls up-close and became aggressive towards college student ‘D’ after some moderate struggling failed.

At this point, ‘A’ punched ‘D’ in the face multiple times, followed by ‘B’ who did the same, and ‘C’ who began kicking ‘D’ in the back and stomach. ‘D’ sustained injuries requiring a recovery period of 8 weeks.

In addition, ‘A’ received a broken nose after being punched by ‘D’ and his injuries lasted for 3-weeks.

All parties involved were charged with assault and battery from the event and on January 9, InCheon District Court Judge, Kim SaeJong, ruled that ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ would each be fined $1000. Student ‘D’ was also fined to a sum of $500 for his actions.

[Source: BreakNews]
[Translated by WonderSubber, ppopki @wgspectacle]
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