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[NEWS] Wonder Girls, SNSD, Kara Discuss Their Popularity 090113

January 16, 2009

Wonder Girls – Girls’ Generation – Kara, The Factors Behind Their Popularity?
By Park JaeDuk @ JoyNews (

Leading of the rush of idol girl-groups, the Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation (SNSD), and Kara, have each honestly revealed the contributing factors to their popularity.


Rising up as ‘National Little Sisters’ after their consecutive hits <Tell Me>, <So Hot>, and <Nobody>, the Wonder Girls noted their ‘5 person, 5 colors’ individuality as the leading factor in their popularity. The member’s distinctive personalities are appealing because they correspond to the varying tastes of fans.

The Wonder Girls stated, “If you look at the fans, it seems as though they like one member while disliking four out of five of us. It’s because all five of us have different personalities.”

Moreover, they used anime metaphors to explain, “If you look at ‘Sailor Moon,’ isn’t there always one character you prefer among Sailor Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Venus? Looking at ‘Wedding Peach’ too, you’re bound to like one character more out of Peach, Lily, Daisy. ”

In addition to their ‘5 person, 5 colors’, the Wonder Girls also picked their ‘Non-celebrity-like familiarity’ as their personal charm.

Girls’ Generation, who returned after nine months to sweep both the on and off-line music charts with their comeback, pointed to their bright and wholesome charm as the primary factor in their popularity.

Girls’ Generation offered a rather mature analysis, stating, “It seems like people like the image of girls who look like they’re running around laughing in a thick meadow.” Fans feel happier and gain strength from seeing the members’ individual colors on top of this wholesome and lively charm.

“It’s most impressive when fans say they gained strength during tough times after seeing a Girls’ Generation clip,” stated Girls’ Generation. “They seem to see the bright side out of seeing us genuinely enjoy the work we do.”

On the other hand, Kara, who is quickly coming up with the release of their second mini-album and the title song <Pretty Girl>, selected their ‘team’s quality for looking natural and lively rather than doll-like prettiness’ as a factor in their popularity.

Kara’s hopes for the future were also revealed. “After undergoing a change in members, we increased our recognition with our first mini-album <Rock U>. Now with <Pretty Girl> it seems like we’ve found our own color. We want to be remembered for being natural and lively while being comfortable and easy-going.”

The colors they’ve recently shown on broadcast TV stem from their desire to be seen not as an idol group but as comfortable and easy-going.

The Wonder Girls’ distinct personalities, Girls’ Generation’s bright and wholesome charm, and comfortable and natural Kara—the fascinating battle between the ‘3 shades of charm’ will continue to draw the attention of fans.

[Source: JoyNews]
[Translated by WonderSubber, ppopki @wgspectacle]
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