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[NEWS] SeungRi’s Friendship with the WG 090121

January 21, 2009

SeungRi’s Remark on the Wonder Girls Becomes the Subject of Conversation,
“I’ve become close friends with the Wonder Girls~”

By Kwon MinYoung @ Review Star


SeungRi’s remark concerning the Wonder Girls has become a subject of conversation among netizens.

Big Bang member SeungRi revealed his friendship with the Wonder Girls during a recent radio appearance.

On January 20, SeungRi appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Song EunHee & Shin BongSeon’s Sharing One’s Joy & Sorrow’ radio program. While there, he drew the attention of listeners as he revealed his friendship with the Wonder Girls and other celebrity friends.

During the day’s broadcast SeungRi began by saying, “Even though we’d held plenty of joint-performances with the Wonder Girls in the past, we didn’t really talk to each other in the beginning because it was so awkward.” SeungRi then explained how he came to be friends with the Wonder Girls. “After about 2-3 years, though, I asked myself why colleagues who are in the same line of work should have such awkwardness between them. After that we gradually became closer.”

SeungRi also stated during the program, “Lately I’ve made a lot of friends who are entertainers and there are a lot of seniors and juniors from the business around so the broadcast programs are really enjoyable.” In addition to the Wonder Girls, SeungRi also stated that he was also friends with TVXQ and Girls’ Generation (SNSD). He specifically mentioned U-know YunHo—with whom he shares the same hometown—and YoonA—who is the same age as him—by name, displaying their special friendships.

Meanwhile, SeungRi—whose friendship with the Wonder Girls has become a hot subject of conversation—has caused a wave in the music industry after beginning his solo-album activities for <Strong Baby>.

[Source: Review Star]
[Translated by WonderSubber, ppopki @wgspectacle]
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