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[News] WG & Other Stars Banned from Uniform CFs, 090123

January 24, 2009

Wonder Girls & Kim YunA, CFs Featuring Entertainer Models Will Not Be Seen Starting February
By Park SaeYon @ Newsen (


School uniform commercials featuring entertainers will no longer be seen on television for the time being.

On the 23rd, in a meeting with the Korean School Uniform Association and top school uniform companies, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology recommended that rising prices of school uniforms be brought to a halt.

According to the minutes, the representatives for the school uniform businesses present at the meeting reached a mutual decision to discontinue advertisements featuring famous entertainers from being released starting early February. They also decided to cancel any autographing events for fans as well as current marketing campaigns.

The Ministry of Education made the demands in order to decrease the financial burden that parents of students are likely to face with the new semester. They asked 4 major school uniform manufacturers—Skool Looks, Ivy Club, Elite School Uniforms, and SK Network—to take measures to control rising prices and excessive campaigning.

Current commercial advertisements feature figure skater Kim YunA, as well as the Wonder Girls among other popular idol stars, as models.

[Source: Newsen]
[Translation: ppopki@spectacle]

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  1. Kamille permalink
    January 24, 2009 6:01 PM

    awww… i wish to see more wonder girls in uniform,

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