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[NEWS] Wonder Girls: The Making of “Tell Me” MV

February 10, 2009

Who would’ve known that the very first glimpse of what would be featured in the “Tell Me” video would spark a national (and perhaps international) dance craze or more appropriately, a dance virus. The “Tell Me” virus infected all walks of Korean life; armed force men, flight attendants, country folk, babies, school children…it even influenced cross dressers! No one was spared from this epidemic.

To be honest, I don’t know what’s more popular: the “Tell Me” dance or the actual music video. The music video was reminiscent of both the 60s and the 80s — decades that seem to rack up the cool points in today’s pop music. Popularity aside, the music video (featuring the dance) was responsible for putting the Wonder Girls on the Kpop map and caused the spread of the dance virus. More importantly, the girls ditched the private school girl shtick for a look more befitting of the group’s identity: Wonder Woman. Youngest Wonder Girl, So Hee portrays Diana Price as a regular thick framed glasses sporting school girl attending a high school that appears quite…American; Korea doesn’t do the yellow school bus. Although her heroic acts are minor—saving an old woman, fighting a locker room perv and school bullies—they struck a fierce-er image of the Wonder Girls. I’ll take that over the tired private school girl image any day!

Also, if you ever find yourself playing Wonder Girls Trivial Pursuit, the music video is notable for being the debut of Yoobin, the group’s designated rapper.

JYP Version
Behind the scenes
Finished product

[Source: ningin]


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