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[NEWS] Memorable Wonder Girls Moments 090216

February 17, 2009

At first glance, you would most likely never expect that the Wonder Girls have only been impacting South Korea’s mainstream for a mere two years.

Their success is measured in both the ability to continue impressing both die hard fans and casual listeners alike—all while maintaining a hot and exciting image that keeps their fans and the media constantly at the edge of their seats just waiting to see what they come up with next.

I’ve compiled a list of the most memorable Wonder Girls moments, starting from the moment they debuted and through each step that made them one of the most influential girl groups in South Korea.


Wonder Girls debuted on February 10, 2007 with their performance of “Irony” on the television program Music Core. From the beginning till the end, the girls maintained the audience’s excitement and interest whilst proclaiming their musical ability to the world and firmly establishing their name in the sands of South Korea’s shores. Among many fans, it is considered one of their best live performances.
Watch their debut performance below.

“Tell Me + Lies” with Big Bang

Wonder Girls and the already well-known boy group Big Bang put on a special collaboration on the October 05, 2007 broadcast of Music Bank. It was a spectacular performance, and it boosted their popularity considerably. It was a big step taken by the Wonder Girls, and it remains an evident part of their steps to success. From this point on, they were unstoppable.Check it out below:

“So Hot” Comeback

Another memorable moment for the Wonder Girls was their comeback performance on the June 6, 2008 broadcast of Music Bank, where they won the #1 spot on the charts. Getting #1 on your first comeback performance is rare and only happens with the most popular artists, which further proves the Wonder Girls’ success. Watch their performances of “This Time” and “So Hot” here:

MKMF 2008

Wonder Girls showed that they were still on top at the MKMF awards in November. Just a year after winning the “Rookie of the Year” award at 2007’s MKMF Awards, they picked up three of the most coveted awards: “Best Female Group,” “Song of the Year” and “Best MV Award.” They also performed on the awards show with 2PM, which included doing a special Tango and Disco version of “Nobody.”

Golden Disk Awards 2008

The most recent memorable event is their performance at the 2008 Golden Disk Awards. Each member performed their own special remix version of “Nobody,” and each version was perfectly tailored and suited for the girls. Hands down, this performance is one that every fan loves. They also picked up two awards for “So Hot” that night. Watch their performance below:

[Source: Ningin]


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