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[NEWS] Wonder Girls Contest #2 — Lasting Impressions 090216

February 17, 2009


I don’t think it’s a big secret why the Wonder Girls are trying hard to learn English. America is considered the big stage when it comes to entertainment and the Wonder Girls hope to successfully perform on it…one day. We here at Ningin want the Wonder Girls to crossover as well. In general we want every Asian artist, actors, and filmmaker to crossover successfully. It’s what Ningin cares about, it’s why Ningin exists.

We believe that the best and simplest way to help Asians crossover is to just spread the word about them. Tell your friends and family who the Wonder Girls are. Point them to our website and all the articles and music videos that we have up about the Wonder Girls. We’ve purposely written all our articles and profiles for people who never heard of the Wonder Girls in mind. Tell them personally how cool, how great, how wonderful the Wonder Girls are – that the Wonder GirlsTell Me” song sparked an international YouTube dance craze and that in less than six months they became the #1 girl group in South Korea.

The goal is to make new Wonder Girls fans.

So to all you Wonderfuls, it’s great that you comment on the Wonder Girls blog, and write poems for them, or send them gifts. But what they really need your help with is spreading the word about who the Wonder Girls are.

For this second Wonder Girls contest, we want you to blog about the Wonder Girls. Everyone has access to a blog right? Whether it’s through,, Myspace blogs, or Facebook notes. If not, these services are really easy and free to sign up for. Ningin is a very big believer in the power of blogs and how they can change the flow of information online. We’re hoping that if enough Wonderfuls blog, perhaps it’ll make a difference in the Wonder Girls’ crossover success.

You can say whatever you want about the Wonder Girls in your blog post. Our advice, write about why you love the Wonder Girls so much, when you first heard their music, why you became a Wonderful. Convince people to listen to the Wonder Girls’ music and go to the Wonder Girls’ concert coming up. It’ll be nice if you mention the Wonder Girls Dance Contest that Ningin is hosting and some nice words about Ningin, but you don’t have to. Feel free to use any Wonder Girls photos on Ningin, but don’t hotlink!

Once you’ve published your blog post, send us your name, age, address, and link via private message to wg_contest_2. We’ll pick five posts that we really like and each winner will get to choose between various autographed Wonder Girls stuff like t-shirts, posters, and whatever else we have in stock. The winning five posts will also be specially featured on Ningin on March 21st.

Easy contest right? Oh, copying and pasting a Ningin article to your blog post, while a popular thing to do, doesn’t count. The blog post has to be written and dated between February 16th and March 16th, so you can’t submit old blog posts.

Contest Summary:


5 winners: Autographed Wonder Girls merchandise. Winners can choose one (1) item from a pool of autographed t-shirts, posters, cds, or whatever else we have in stock.

Ningin will select the five best blog posts from all the entries. Winning blog posts will also be posted on on March 21st.


1. Write a blog post about anything Wonder Girls related with the goal being to convert new Wonder Girls fans. You’ll be judged on how convincing your blog post is to prospective new fans.
2. Send your name, age, address, and blog post link via private message to wg_contest_2.

Note, you need to register if you haven’t already to private message someone.


Starts: Now!
Ends: 11:59pm EST on March 16th.
Winner announced: March 21st.

General Contest Rules

[Source: Ningin]

  1. Kamille permalink
    February 17, 2009 4:18 PM

    OMG~! apple should join.
    gah. about new wonderfuls. haha i feel responsible whenever i heard a friend knows wondergirls.
    haha. i keep on sending pictures, yt links to them. haha, i just hope they aren’nt bothered by that.!
    yeah new wonderfuls

  2. suxian permalink
    February 17, 2009 9:16 PM

    argh !
    need 18 years above ><

  3. February 17, 2009 9:32 PM

    I don’t think i’ll join, i don’t think a wordpress like sunmijjang would qualifies since they’re probably looking for blogs that are more intimate :/

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