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[NEWS] Wonder Girls: The making of the “So Hot” music video

February 24, 2009

When it came to filming “So Hot,” JYP and the Wonder Girls were on it: without even giving time for the “Tell Me” virus to subside, the Wonder Girls kicked out their decidedly hot, new hit. Guided by their boosting popularity and with only one hit single under their belts, they spun out their new sensation with a fervor that matched the “Tell Me” craze. From the hundreds and hundreds of UCC videos, to the countless parodies (Wonder Boys, Wonder Oops, Kim Shin Young, Colorful Crayon), it became widely apparent that no one was spared from catching this new strain of the Wonder Girls virus.

The girls’ image completely 180′d from the usual cute-and-innocent look to a sexpot image, which was well-received

by many fans, whilst shocking others. With a name like “So Hot,” what else would you expect than the obvious: hot, sexy and desirable.

And with this, male fans began throwing themselves at the girls more than ever before, in hopes of grabbing one of the Wonder Gals— all with different methods, whether it was outrightly throwing themselves at the girls, trying the sweet approach with candy and expensive gifts, or even stalking them everywhere they went. They could not be left alone… but it’s understandable.

The video’s dance arrangement and “plot” can be compared to their previous video for “Tell Me,” with the most apparent difference being the setting, which is a huge, Victoria’s Secret-looking gift box—maybe because they’ve become a gift to the South Korean music industry! You can watch the videos below.

JYP Composing So Hot

Behind the scenes

Finished video

[Source: Ningin]


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