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[Info]The Wonder Girls are ready!, Inviting Thai fans to the 1st Concert

February 28, 2009

Wonder Girls are ready!
Inviting Thai fans to have fun together at Wonder Girls The 1st Wonder Concert on February 28th

-Is there anything in Thailand that impresses you?
SunYe: Well, there are many many things. For example, we just went to the press conference and there were lots of fans who came to cheer and support us like last time. We’re very happy and it reminded us of the last time we were here.

– How do you feel about being the first Korean female group to ever hold a concert here in Thailand?
YeEun: We are honored to be the first Korean female group to hold a concert in Thailand.There are many responsibilities but we will do as best as we can. Thank you for all the love and support from the fans. We are very prepared,and so we would like the fans to come and have a good time with us tomorrow.

– Aside from the female and male fans, the Wonder Girls also have fans belonging to a third sex who call you “older sisters”. How do you feel about this?
Sun Mi: We havent had the chance to meet them yet, but I’m sure it
will be fun when we do meet.

– The Wonder Girls have received many awards. What was the one you were
most excited and happy about?

SunYe: We feel happy and are honored for any and all of the awards.
We, however, received a very big award at the end of last year that made all
of us cry tears of joy. We felt that we had to work even harder in return for all
the love from the fans. Also, from now on, we think that many good things will
be coming our way.

– What is the happy day for the Wonder Girls and why?
YeEun: Truthfully, there are many happy days for us and it would be hard to pick just one. We all are very busy all the time, so we don’t really have the time to just sit down and talk as much as we should. If we were to pick one happy
moment, it would have to be the time before this very concert. We had to
rehearse together and spent 11-12 hours or more each day. We are happy to be
together and it was very fun.

– We heard that you guys have been studying English one-on-one.
Who do you think is improve the fastest and is there anything fun you would like to share?

SunYe: It has to be YeEun.
YeEun: There really is no way to tell who improves faster because we all are in the process of improving. As for something fun…
after we finish with the English session, we would converse in both Korean and
English. SoHee wouldn’t speak English with us, but she likes to listen. If someone
speaks English to her, she wouldn’t answer and would just keep quiet. She would,then,
come to ask the unnis to translate for her.

– We heard that Sun Mi has a kitten named Mango and that SoHee likes to bully it.
Sun Mi: The truth is SoHee hates Mango very much because Mango is not suited to be in our dorm. Right now, it’s been taken to my parents. It grew very well. It was very cute as a kitten but it grew and is very different now.

– We heard that SunYe couldn’t make it to the college orientation because
of this concert in Thailand. How do you feel about it?

SunYe: I’m sad that I didn’t get to go, but I will work hard for this concert
before going back.

– Is there any message you want to leave to Thai fans?
SoHee: Thanks to all the fans who came today. Tomorrow will be our very first concert
We want a lot of people to come and cheer for us. We will work hard
YeEun: Thank you for being here in a large number. We received lots of love from the fans last time. We were vey happy and are still very happy. We would like this concert to be a happy concert for everyone.
SunYe: We were very impressed with the Thai fans the last time we were here. On our way back to Korea, we were thinking of what else we could do for the fans. We’re very lucky to have a concert in Thailand and to meet Thai fans once again. It motivates us even more. We want everyone to come and enjoy our concert together tomorrow.
YooBin: Very happy to be back in Thailand and to have this concert. Surely,
the concert will be very fun. We are totally prepared and want everyone to come
enjoy the concert tomorrow.


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