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[Info] Wonder Girls in Thailand (Fan Account) 28~01/03/09

March 8, 2009

By Apple

28/02/09 Concert

Huamark indoor stadium is CRAZY! Like even before i went into the stadium, there were like 20plus stalls by the road selling WG merchandises (of course it isnt the official ones T-T) & another 10 or more booths opened by the sponsers. I didnt have time to walk about since i had to collect my tickets from WGThailand who was already getting ready to go in >.< (So sorry for having to rush me + wait for me) I collected a couple of WGthailand shirts & wristbands which they made for the concert. (I ordered about 10? Sunmi bands LOL~)

Anyway, i would like to thank WGthailand for getting the tickets for me. (Hmmm, i ordered it around December?) It was quite an difficult task since i didnt know a bit of thai and we had to talk about it in english so i’d like to thank pong for his patience to explain everything to me hahaha. Thank You (:


JYP suddently came on when the lights went out together with his iworks friend to do a short speech/introduction before the concert. But when he came up i was already screaming like MAD HAHHAHA~ [OMG IT’s PD-NIM *squeals….But i’m still disappointed he didnt make any other appearence from then :(]

Shortly after JYP left the stage, the intro of the concert started playing while everyone was chanting “Wonder Girls” and BAM! WG came on with their blue shiny outfits! I didnt expect them to do the opening with their non-title songs >.< So i was extremely even-more-high than expected HAHAHA! But the best part was when they came on with the sunglasses!! My first thought was “SUNMI IS WEARING Sunglasses??!” (Cos she hardly wears them at all >.<) how cool is that, they looked like terminator 3 4 or something hahahhaa!

Now on to the solo performance, (FYI: I knew the order of the performance but i didnt know what the lyrics of the songs other than sexy back) When the other 4 wg members was standing on the platform while it was going down -leaving yeeun for her solo, After Sunye, Yoobin & Sohee’s platform went down, sunmi’s one was still stuck halfway (I think the platform jammed or something =,=) So poor sunmi, had to bend down and crawl her way out of there *aigooooo~

But yeeun totally owned that performance, especially during the highnote after the short break in the song…. Now on to sunye’s performance, i REALLY didnt expect the super HIGH platform stint during her solo. My heart almost dropped! Since it was SOOOOOOO HIGH (it’s really high if you see it with ur eyes) I was so worried for her, 1/2 of me was enjoying the performance, the other half was worrying incase anything would go wrong. [Since sunmi’s platform only went down 1/2way, i wouldnt want sunye to be stuck up there :/] Now on to sohee! I liked how she did the opening, you could only see her shadow as there’s like a huge light shininig behind her so everyone was like “who is that?! who is that!?” hahaha! And when the spotlight came on to sohee, wowwwwwww everyone went crazy cos you could totally see how SHORT her outfit was T-T When i saw sohee with that costume, i was praying that sunmi didnt wear something like that *prays (Since sunmi was next). uhk oh uhk oh oh~ LOL! Now on to SUNMI’s costume…. *tum tum~ (the bass came on) but sunmi’s still no where to be seen, then she walked onto the stage (OMGGGGGGGGG I TOTALLY LOST MY MIND) Sunmi in that cheongsam-inspired looking costume hahaha! I’m still against sunmi’s costume up till now =.= It made me happy for awhile cos i thought it was a super long dress…untill she put her legs out and i was like O.O sheeeetz~ still quite disappointed that not many people shouted “Sunmi Jjang” when they’re supposed to *sighs….Then binnie’s Sexy back song came on, & she was carried by 3 guys on a ladder-sort of thing @.@ I was shockeddd +while screaming at the same time. HAHAHA! Binnie’s sexy back is just so HER. she really brings sexy back hahaha!

(skip skip skip……)

On to the pompom performance, Sunmi is ESPECIALLY happy & hyper when they did the pompom performance HAHAHA! You can totally tell what a natural she was when she shook those pompoms, like she was playing with herself hahahaha! And they were smart to put sunmi in the center for the starting and the ending :X our little cheerleader~ I was laughing to myself when i saw them throw their pompoms to the side of the stage when the lights went off HAHAHA!

(2pm performance….)

Then “Saying I Love You” came on, & Sunmi was sitting on the piano -HOW CUTE IS THAT!, she looked like a doll when her head bobbed left&right hahaha. But the sad part is that, yeeun was playing the piano, so only half of her face could be seen during her part T-T But after yeeun sang the last line of “Saying I love you”, sunmi picked up her microphone and said “Saranghae” AHHHH~

JYP Celebrity News

“World Star, Wonder Girls Split Up” (atm, i was shouting ahndweeh & shirrooh)

“Wonder Girls Split Up Because Of A Love Triangle?” (I would bet this on Sohee, Sunmi & Yeeun LOL!)

Wonder Girls Sunye & Yeeun: We havent talked to each other for years.

Sunye grabs grammy with her first solo album

New hip-hop sensation, Yoobin sweeps the world

Former idol Yeeun’s cosmetics line, Wonder cosmetics named a fortune 100

First idol lady, new president elect’s wife, Sunmi (Rather than hearing people scream, more people was laughing HAHAHAA)

Idol strikes back: Idol-turned-actress Sohee wins and oscar


Although that clip was made just for fun, but it was a very “touch wood” kind of thing >.< I wouldnt want it to happen….at least not so soon T-T it really gave me the creeps, when they said about JYP passing away zzzz~ PLEASEEEEEEE it’s not funny you know T-T

Encore stage: they played some old/new wg clips with ‘wishing on the star’ playing as the BGM before wonder girls came on. I was quite happy to actually see them in ‘normal’ clothes (although sunmi wore a shirt which showed her belly, but i’d just let it go (: ) Everything that was said during the encore, could not be heard at all since everyone was busy screaming no matter who was speaking so….*sighs…. but i watched a fancam and sunmi said “My wish is to save earth & world peace *while doing a peace sign” and she walked off to the other side, embarassed HAHAHAHA! so cuteeeeee!

While performing tell me remix (i’m not sure if it was taken in the fancams) Sunmi was doing her own rendition/style/choreography of the performance. It resembles a mix of weird+hwangjinyi-inspired dance hahhaa! She was dancing it by herself while roaming around the stage. And of course, the highlight of everything was when sohee walked to sunmi’s side of the stage & they held hands and posed for the fans. (I was the only person screaming “Miso”, Thailand is (SUPER) Pro-EunSun HAHAHA!) But that has got to be my favourite miso moment! ahhh~

And after they did the ending bow together with dancers and 2pm, sunmi left the stage together with the dancers and 2pm at the side of the stage…She forgot that she was supposed to go to the center and exit through the platform HAHAH! So the other 4 girls was like standing there waiting for sunmi to come back, & Yep, after a while you can see someone running out from the side of the stage and on the the platform HAHAHA! Everyone was laughing when they saw that HAHAHA!

But the concert is awesome, you’d really need to be there to experience it yourself! 2hours of wonder girls is AWESOMEEEEE!

01/03/09 Post-Concert + Departure

I was told that Wonder Girls would attend a closed-door post-concert celebration party at the hotel’s club, however i didnt make it back to the hotel in time to see WG enter the hotel :( Anyway, while i was away (i went to bath +eat) i was told that binnie returned to her room alone first. which means the other 4 is still in the club. So i waited at the 2nd level lobby (since most of the time they would go back up by that way) However, a kind staff of the hotel told us to go down as they would be going back to their rooms from the 1st floor instead, however the lobby area was filled with fans already, so i just stood before the escalator and waited for wg to walk by. (The escalator is located in a way that i can see clearly from the walk way from the club to the elevator, so instead of going down and trying to peek at them through the loads of fans infront of you, i decided to just go down the escalator when they’re walking pass, at least i could see them) & yes! my stratergy worked out well! HAHAHA! I went down the escalator as sunmi was walking by, although i could only see her backview but it was good enough. After sunmi it was yeeun & then sunye. (which means that sohee went up long ago >.<) [It was about 3am then]

Before going up to sleep, i checked with the staff about when WG will check out of the hotel and he said that wg will check out at 8pm or so, which means there was no changes in their flight. We got our hopes up, thinking that WG will be shopping around bangkok. Sadly, i woke up late and a friend called and told me sunmi just left the hotel (GOD I WANNA KILL MYSELF!) After i joined my friend, we was tipped off that WG will be shopping at siam paragon, but there was no details of what time or whatsoever so we ‘ran’ all the way there and searched the entire building but there was no sign of them. (I only found out yesterday that ONLY SoBin went to Paragon at the evening, which meant that i totally wasted my time searching there in the afternoon zzz) So i went back to hotel & waited for anyone to walk by. Then the staff set up the barriers again (it’s a sign that there’s someone coming) We obediently stood behind it and waited…during that time a thai wonderful took out her camera to show me a video that she took when Sunmi, Yeeun & Sunye left the hotel. While i was asking her “where’s is sunmi?” as i pointed to the video…..i looked up and guess what i saw…


I said “isnt that…yoobin and sohee?” then everyone went “Sohee!~” “YooBin~”….I still dont know why NO ONE noticed them at all or screamed at all LOL! the hotel was so silent =.= It’s funny to see loads of fans standing at the barriers but when they walked by there was no “Sohee!” or “Yoobin” at all!!! (I’m so sorry sobin T-T )

About 30mins later, i noticed a group rushing out from the 2nd level lobby, i felt it was kinda weird cos they was walking really fast so i asked a friend to go up and check it out. & guess what…it was Sohee & Yoobin with their jyp staff. I joined my friend shortly after. They was checking out of the hotel so they just sat at the 2nd level lobby while waiting. (there was a security guard around though) We was like sitting just behind them, about 2m away? But everytime my friend tried to get their attention, the guard would shush my friend, so she just timidly sat behind them and looked. (SoBin was facing the other direction so they couldnt see us behind them) They was sitting there for about 10mins or so? (and yes we was sitting there for 10mins with them, just looking and not doing anything else =.=)

Bonus: A staff walked up to sohee and was like chatting with her in korean, then the staff took out a pair of boxing gloves from sohee’s shopping bag & was playing & laughing while talking to sohee. (LOL!! why would sohee buy boxing gloves? perhaps ….mango? HAHAHA)

Then after the staff got ready to go, SoBin stood up , my friend tried for one last time “Yoobin!~” but she didnt hear….so my friend just gave up and watched as they went down the escalator to the screaming fans. after they left, i went to some “orient” restraunt which they was having dinner at,before they leave for Seoul. They booked the entire restraunt so the fans could only wait outside. Sadly, i didnt see any of them there due to the massive number of fans there. So i followed iHeartWG to the airport instead (they was told that wg would leave by the vip area). The thing is the vip area isnt in the airport, it’s in another building beside the airport (thankfully i wasnt alone, if not i would be stupidly waiting at the airport instead HAHAHA)

[Fan Count: approx. 10 WG Fans 10 2pm fans]

After an hour plus of waiting, a van drove up the vip building, as i was sitting quite far away from the entrance i ran all the way up to see who it was (i hate vans with tinted windows T-T) & it was Sohee & Yoobin! I was expecting the other 3 to come down from the van too…but it was just them and some staff :( there was no chance for them to stop for fans as the staff just rushed them into the building… awhile later, nickhun came alone and the 2pmers ran up to him and shoved him gifts. Shortly after, 3 vans came up (followed be a handful of cabs which was chasing the vans & the fans ran out of the cab, to the entrance of the vip area.

[Fan Count: approx. 15 WG Fans 25+ 2pm fans]

The group that just came was screaming and squealing so much that the guy from iworks told the staff in the vans that they will have to go straight to the runway & that he cannot send them off. (He spoke it in english so i guess the thai fans didnt understand, so i took the chance and got myself away from the entrance and walked to the vans, there was 3 vans and only 1 of it has Sunmi, Yeeun & Sunye in it. And the windows are tinted so you can hardly see recognise anyone inside. The first 2 vans had lots of fans surrounding it so i made a quick guess that it’s probably 2pm’s van so i went right up the 3rd van. (I was the only person standing there) I was peeking instead and trying to verify who was instead the van, then i saw someone with goldish-colored bangs. (that’s definately sunmi!) So i just continued and stood outside their van and smile inside the van, I was afraid that i would make a fool of out myself if i shouted Sunmi and she’s not in that van =.= …

And that was the last i saw of her….just the reflection of her goldish-colored bangs T-T



BTW! i’m back in singapore now~

  1. angelkamille permalink
    March 8, 2009 6:21 AM

    hohoho you want more of the hot PD-nim.
    Aww poor Sunmi, and that jammed thingy. But it’s
    so her if she bended.*I’m not making any sense*
    and crawled.
    Puhahaha sunmi our natural cheerleader<3
    wah! i need more of that sunmi on top
    of the piano!… only sunmi can pull of those kind of stunts
    Oh so that was the skit. i thought there was more to it.=x
    Like Yoobin and Sunmi had a fight about a boy.
    According to earlier fanaccounts.
    T__T i dont wanna talk about the break up part too.!
    but way to go WG. Their acting is <3 <3 <3.
    ““My wish is to save earth & world peace *while doing a peace sign” and she walked off to the other side, embarassed HAHAHAHA! so cuteeeeee!”
    You know i love her… <3 <3 <3

    wah!!! that miso moment!! O_O i saw a fancam..
    im screaming at home.. kiyaa~~~ i posted it here too.
    lol sorry.*random spazz..*
    i want to say more hahaha.. thank you for sharing sunmi’s eh ahmmm sunminess..
    since she doesnt want to be called 4D. she’s such an angel to me.
    LMAO! poor mango! T__T haha sohee <3 <3
    “booked” the entire resto… zzzzz lol JYP.
    wow…. alot of sobin/nyuma moments.
    aww her gold-ish bangs.. <3 why is sunmi alone in a van?!
    anyway thank you apple for this detailed fan account.
    and OMG im definitely waiting for your *comeback..
    we surely missed you!.

  2. RIA permalink
    March 8, 2009 6:37 AM

    glad to have you back apple! :D what do you mean that was the last you saw of her, didnt she get out of the van to go to the airplane???????

  3. wgchristine permalink
    March 8, 2009 11:26 AM

    aishhh apple shall we go korea tgt? ^.^

  4. March 8, 2009 12:26 PM

    thank u for sharing ur experience here. (waiting for it!!) ^ ^ i’m happy to know that u r back i singapore now. i know that it’s not all experiences in thailand is good. but only that sunmi’s “i remember you” can make those some bad experience go away. whenever u think of thailand and thai fans, i hope you still remember how much thai wonderfuls love (or r crazy for) the girls..haha..^ ^

  5. wgholic permalink
    March 8, 2009 3:07 PM

    thank you for the detailed recount :)
    my gosh you are soo lucky (freaking envious) -.-
    haha but then you totally deserve it ^^

  6. jenn permalink
    March 8, 2009 3:33 PM

    so glad you had a good time, Apple! Haha, I would’ve died to meet Wonder Girls and to witness miso in action? Wow…this is so bias T.T Anyway, if I were there I would scream for everyone..might lose my voice the next day haha…I’m gonna go search for more fancams! :D

  7. March 11, 2009 12:55 PM

    thai’s are super pro-eunsun?

    omg i better visit thailand and meet my fellow EunSun fans.

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