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[Info] (Fan Account) JYP Tour 2009 – La Mirada Concert 090306

March 10, 2009
by Stern
(SUPER LONG JYP TOUR 2009- La Mirada Concert RE-CAP)
Okey. Time for a recap… so I can share le experience.. and so I can remember it later. ^^”
The night is kind of a blur of bright lights, loud music, & the Wonder Girls, but let’s see what I remember.
And chances are… the events won’t be in proper chronological order. ^^”
So, I had front row tickets to the JYP TOUR 2009 concert in Orange County (La Mirada Theatre). :)
All the La Mirada Theatre folks (ushers, ticket-checkers, etc.) were all… elderly Caucasians. I think they might’ve felt a bit weird with the giant influx of Asian. ^^”
So, we went inside and kind of followed the crowd and found ourselves in line for merchandise!
At the time, I’d only seen signs for t-shirts ($20) and autographed tour posters ($5, printed autographs of JYP, Wonder Girls)…
And of course… I bought one of each. :)
In defense of my massive impulsive purchasing, this was my first concert and I was pre-spazzing about seeing the Wonder Girls. …and of course, buying stuff = support, yes? ;)
…and then I saw a stack of Wonder Girls & JYP cds with a sign that said $15 on the next table.
I didn’t have any of their actual cds, although I was planning on buying a Nobody one.
As I got closer to the table, I saw that they were autographed!
…and then I decided I had to buy the autographed cds, so now I am a proud owner of AUTOGRAPHED Wonder Girls’ Nobody, So Hot, & The Wonder Years albums.
Seriously, just looking at them now makes me spaz all over again.
And on the tables there were also little plastic bookmarks that change their image as you turn them (I forget the proper terminology).
Anyhow, they switch between JYP+some girl? & the Wonder Girls! (the cover from their Nobody album)
The bookmark is surprisingly awesome. I spaz about these too. ^^”
These little fun things were free!
So… being greedy, I might have taken more than one.
Anyhow, I was pretty certain I’d sufficiently gotten my Wonder Girls’ swag, so off we went to our seats!
Hahaha, I started spazzing even before anything happened. I remember jumping up and down in my seat. And we scouted the stage and spotted the “Nobody” prop microphones and a white chair.
I also remember… looking at some of the albums, and I’m pretty sure the group of fans behind me were looking over my shoulder because I kept hearing them talking about the Nobody album when I was looking through the photos, same with the So Hot album.
Oh yeah, I was sad when I found out they didn’t do a camera check at the concert.
I called the La Mirada Theatre to ask if they allowed cameras, and they said no.
So… I didn’t bring my camera…. :(
Anyways. there were 3 rather large screens on stage!
If i remember correctly, the only stuff they showed were links to JYPE stuff– auditions, myspace links, itunes, etc.
Now for the concert… :)
I looked behind me and it looked pretty packed! I was glad that the tickets seemed to sell pretty well! (even though they were still selling tickets at the door the day of the concert)
So, G-Soul shows up and welcomes the crowd.
Honestly, it wasn’t that loud for him, but I mean.. i was/am now certain that the crowd was all for the Wonder Girls & JYP.
Anyhow, he gave an introduction of himself.. I believe he said he’s been working w/ JYPE for ~7 years, and then he sang some song about relationships and getting used to each other. It was a pretty good R&B-esque song… but I was just waiting on the Wonder Girls.
He didn’t move around on stage all that much, but he did go front and center a couple times and kneeled down and pointed to people (I assume they were girls) in the crowd.
Then JLim shows up and gave her intro about how she debuted with “Music is My Life” and how she’s going to debut in America with the english version of the same song. She was good! …but as I said, I was just waiting for the Wonder Girls.
…and then BAM. WONDER GIRLS.
They showed up on stage with their flashy outfits, and I immediately thought of the fancams I had seen of the 1st Wonder concert! I can’t even remember what songs they sang first except for one that involved …umbrellas & “Headache”
Actually, I never really liked “Headahce” all that much before… but now I do. A lot.
The dance was pretty cute! And I love how SunMi jumps into the center with a completely adorkable smile at the end of the song while they say “Who is that girl!?”
Now that I think about it, I remember a song where I thought “Hey, SoHee’s outfit is really cute!” Twitter = win.
Sometime after this, they introduced themselves!
Fear not, fans who are upset about their English names. They did, in fact, introduce themselves with their Korean names. (I actually fan cam’d this to check because I forgot)
I remember YooBin giving a shout out to the O.C. & YeEun? saying that they were nervous because they had never been to the O.C. before.
And then SoHee teased the crowd with a hint that although the first stage was fantastic, the future stages will be even better.
Anyways, I believe… “Nobody Rainstone Remix” came next!
And this was the performance where they used their white chairs. ^^”
“Ebabo” was also somewhere here! Hehehe… it was a really cute performance.
I think i might’ve seen some 2sun action, cause I’m pretty sure I saw SunMi mouthing something to SunYe.
Hehe.. and some people (including me) joined in with that arm-motion during the chorus!
I even did that peace-sign move at the end of the song. ^^”
I think… this was when 2PM showed up!
They sang “10 out of 10,” gave an intro of themselves, then they sang “Only You.”
Heh, I remember when they intro’d themselves, Nickhun definitely got the loudest cheer after he went “WASSUP! I’M KHUN!” …hahahaa.
And Taek dorked it up by prompting a cheer for himself before he gave an intro. ^^”
But of course, no 2PM performance is complete without Jae showing off his six-pack.
Then.. I remember… Tell Me?
They told the crowd to get up and boogie away with them.
I think I saw everybody get up, but… not all of us knew the dance.
Actually… by the time SunMi actually sang, most of the people in the audience were just standing there. ^^”
And I believe.. at the end of SunMi’s first solo part in “Tell Me” (or was it “Nobody”? seriously, I forget these things) I saw a fan towards the center of the first row LUNGE out of his/her seat towards SunMi, and then she moved closer to the edge of the stage and shook hands. ^^”
It was cute. hehehe.
Hooray for the SunMi being the first one to reach out the crowd! :)
Okay.. what else…
I’m pretty sure it was the same song when… YeEun also started reaching out to the crowd :)
And hehehe, I got to touch her hand.
Back to the concert.
So sometime admist all these Wonder Girls songs was So Hot!
Which was equally awesome. I think… i caught one of SunMi’s winks during this one. :)
Also somewhere in this blur of a night was Saying I Love You :)
Which they girls also explained was written by YeEun!
They looked really pretty in their white dresses. :)
(wow. i’m using a lot of smiley faces)
Then… they showed that intro-skit for the “One Night Only” performance.
Hehehe, you should definitely check that out on youtube if you haven’t.
I suggest finding one from the JYP TOUR 2009 since it’s distinctly harder to hear them in one from the 1st Wonder because of all the fans cheering. ^^”
But yeah, there were some super super enthusiastic girls near us, and I remember one of them shouting… “I’M IN BOX!” and then when the girls open the box… “SURPRISE!!!”
it was kind of hilarious because the theatre was mostly silent except for her interjections.
We all laughed & cheered at the “future news”
..and a lot of people cheered at the “JYP IS DEAD” news… which was weird. >_<
We laughed at the YeEun vs. SunYe & YooBin vs. SunMi attitude battles. hehehe…
“Yeah. ‘Cause you’re too stupid to figure it out on your own.”
^ which I just realized is hilarious because YooBin’s question was completely legit! How WERE they supposed to get back to their proper time? Hahaha… SunMi. <3
And of course, we all “Aww’d” at our favorite mandooface. :)
Anyways. then they showed up and sand “One Night Only”
And I clearly remember SunMi’s voice as she opens the song, so hehehe.. <3
After this.. I believe they did the “Nobody v.Tango” with 2PM!
and of course, it was amazing.
…and I didn’t catchy any mistakes… like hat-hitting with elbows (I don’t think he was even wearing a hat that night), face-punching, or twirling mishaps. :)
And sometime in this memory mess = “Nobody”! :)
I remember seeing a lot of people doing the “love bullet” dance move! it was cuteeee.
And also amidst this mess (I think It may have been after Saying I Love You) they talked in English again… and I think they said some stuff in Korean, as well.
By the way, their English has really improved. :)
Most of what I remember from this little talk was So Hee going “We love you guys, and we know you guys love us” (something like that). which, of course = <3.
And they ended it with a little a capella of “This Time” which they sang w/ music soon afterwards
Okay. I can’t remember the correct songs.. but I do want to spaz about this some more…
So, I think this all happened in 3 or 4 songs..
But I got to touch hands with YeEun!
And YooBin! (barely ^^”)
And I’m like 95% certain I made eye-contact with YeEun & YooBin during one of their slow songs. In fact… I’m pretty sure YeEun & I locked eyes while she was singing and it was awesome.
And hehe. yes. I caught one of SunMi’s winks! …which was one of my silly goals of the night. ^^”
And I’m …80% sure I might’ve gotten eye contact w/ SunYe & SunMi that wasn’t just like a glance.
Hehe… So Hee. Okay seriously, I know the general consensus is that So Hee is cute.
But after seeing her live, she’s just even more adorable.
And when she came over to my side, I missed out on touching her hand, but she looked over at me, made eye-contact, and smiled.
and seriously, it was… so adorable. I didn’t even know it was a smile at me, until my friend next to me told me/confirmed it. ^^”
It’s like Puss in Boots from the Shrek series when he does that sad kitty face… but a smile. and from So Hee. …and that makes it so much better.
& (jumping out of attempted chrono-order) during the last song, YeEun went into the crowd, and she&I did a brief hand-holding & bowing thing.
Except… I was so dumbstruck by her doing that to me that I was like.. a second late.
Seriously. I’m pretty sure I froze up.
Okay. So. *phew.
I think that helped get some Wonder Girls’ spaz out of my system.
Moving on to JYP.
He asked the crowd if any of us were oldschool fans of his… and um… I think he got only a few hands in the air. >_<
But he was good! he was!
Before each little performance, he did a little intro & gave his whole segment a plotline.
It went a little like this
Romantic dinner for two… whom are both in relationships with other people
There was even a table set up on stage left & he poured wine. It was cute.
Then, off to go clubbing.
Next… head over to JYP’s crib or part ways?– this is when he decided to have a little dancebreak.
So, he said something like this “I’ll dance for you. And if you’d rate me a 10/10, we’ll head over to my place. If you think ‘Hey, J.Y., that was good but only a 9.9…” then our night is over.”
Of course, we gave him 10 out of 10…
and then he prompted us to say “F’SHO!” which was pretty funny. ^^”
Sometime during the JYPfest, he sang “She was Pretty”
and afterwards, he told everybody to get up and do a bit of the dance with him & the dancers!
It was cuteeee. :)
It went a bit like “swim, swim, then go back, go back, then butterfly, butterfly, and then dive with me”
It was fun. :)
Anyhow, time for… le bedroom.
So, he basically asked the ladies in the audience if he’d successfully stolen their hearts, if they were single, or if they weren’t… if they even liked the guy they were with all that much.
And of the ladies who were raising their hands, he picked a girl who was sitting in the back (& jumping up and down) to come up to the stage.
When she said she was 18, it was pretty easy to tell that JYPark was going ”…oh, dear. what to do….”
But when he did speak again, he just joked around and said that the night just didn’t involve any alcohol. ;)
…and then he told her to get comfortable on the stage bed & then… tied her up to the bedpost. and the bed slowly went to the vertical position.
And…. then he sang some song that said “delicious” a lot.
Hehe, the girl looked pretty embarrassed to be up there. ^^”
Later, he untied the cloth around her arms and they did a little slow dance.
Anyhow, sometime later JYP took off his shirt.
(…and I averted my eyes. ^^”)
…and then he put his shirt back on.
He also gave an introduction to his dance team, which I thought was really cute.
And he gave a little speech about how he loves being a performer, and how the JYP Tour is the month he gets to perform so he loves it. He also said that since his life as a CEO is so hectic and busy, the only time he really gets to sing is like… 10 minutes before he heads off to bed.
I thought the speech was sweet & really endearing. ^^”
He also played piano and sang the 2AM song “This Song” (i think it’s called that)
And then he sang that song “Breakup of the Daylight”?
and it was amazing.
and she looks really, really pretty in her white dress.
seriously. incredibly pretty. And her voice was soooo nice.
I think she definitely stole the spotlight from JYP. (*pat pat, JYP)
Sometime after all this… the final dance! which i think was to one of JYP’s old songs
JYP + dancers are on stage.. and I think he was trying to get everybody to stand up… but not everyone did. Maybe like 1/3 – 1/2 of the audience got up
Then the Wonder Girls came on and …i think within 30 seconds, everybody else stood up. ^^”
And then it switched to “Tell Me” and everybody did the “Tell Me” dance again!
And most of this is a blur…
But I do remember SunMi & SunYe being on stage left…
and then I saw SunMi move to the back and like… rush over to stage right (where So Hee was)
and I was giddy about MISO <3
And later I saw SunMi doing some dorky dancing with one of the dancers
(I didn’t catch this part live, but I saw it in a fancam)
But the dancer later pushed SunMi into SoHee (not really hard though, just like.. barely enough)
It was cuteeee :)
AND… it was during this time that YeEun went offstage for some awesome crowdservice!
I’m still embarrassed by my dumbfounded state, but YeEun = <3,
Some girls to my right got to HUG HER… so I was a bit jealous.
But she did look a bit startled. ^^”
And right after she gave her first hug, I saw one of the guy dancers on stage start moving over towards her, who later (saved her) & helped her back on stage. ^^”
I also saw her get an orange envelope from a fan when she went offstage, and she even waved it around a bit when she got back on stage, which I thought was cuteee. :)
Then the song ended and most of them left the stage.
If i remember correctly… 2Ye were the last ones off, and they kept waving at us. <3
I think.. SunYe was the last one to leave. Leader Min = <3
And then…. the concert was over.
They showed a credit roll, and then they played the “Nobody” MV.
And as we left, the passed by the tables that were selling merchandise.
It looked like all the t-shirts, posters, & autographed cds were sold out! :)
But they were selling not-signed albums.. and it looked like they were selling laptop cases too…
The laptop cases were JYPEntertainment (Black case, blue logo) & Wonder Girls (pink case, turquoise-ish logo).
Ah. It was a good night. :)
Credit: Stern
  1. GiGi permalink
    March 10, 2009 12:20 PM

    I love that when JYP took off his shirt, you averted your eyes. I would probably too, which makes it that much funnier. Man, it sounds like you got great merchandise. I wish they’d sell some online. xP

  2. RIA permalink
    March 10, 2009 12:47 PM

    my cajita went to the JYP tour too!?!?!! whoa did not know that, but then again i didnt know aki and B oppa were going either >.>

  3. angelkamille permalink
    March 11, 2009 12:58 AM

    @_@ I assume this is Vicky right? hahaha I want to spazz too.. arrr.. lol..
    sorry im tired but im happy you got an eye contact from each member. O_< like this.
    Wonder Girls, JYP, 2PM figitng!

  4. emotioncollide permalink
    March 11, 2009 6:32 AM

    haha..its funny because still it was go exciting that i still don’t remember the order of their songs..i agree the crowd was silent..i just wanted to stand the whole entire show for them but every body was seated…it was amazing i am still spazzing about it…*faints*..i wish i was still in that room watching them…you’re lucky you got front row, i was wondering do they even have backstage pass and if so how do we get it? year i will make sure to get front seats, although having third row on the balcony was such a great view, but when ye eun jumped off stage, my heart was pounding, lucky you!!! hah..but over all they were LOVED!!..btw did you get to see them walked in their car?

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