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[Stream] (Fancams) Wonder Girls on MTV Iggy 090310

March 11, 2009

Inside the studio

[Credit: vivix3mi@YT + jane_doe11@soompi for the links]

[credit xSYDNiEE@YT]

Leaving MTV Studio

[Credit: mishl102891@YT + ll_borderline@soompi for the links]

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  1. angelkamille permalink
    March 11, 2009 9:27 PM

    “dreams do come true!”-sunye
    look at vivix3mi@YT fancam. T____T look at the HD screen outside!#!@#!@ they are showing WG perf and at some point ~~~ WAHHHHHH I saw Their so called english NAMES.!#!@#@#$@#%$@#$!@$@zzzz
    seriously. YUbin.Sun.Sohee.Mimi.Yenny. i think that’s the chronology.
    im so happy for them though.. haha Sunmi’s smile.. :D :D
    Wg’s fanservice jjang. Sunye auto… Dies..

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