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[Info] (Fan Account) Wonder Girls at MTV Studio 090310

March 12, 2009

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, today is the best day of my life! So, as you know I was chosen as one of the 25 lucky winners to view the shooting/taping of the WGs at the TRL studio.

I arrive at Times Square around 9ish, meet up with Sarah and I call the staff members mtviggy told me to contact once I arrived. So, I called and they told me to come at around 12. Sarah and I then plan to go to BOOK-OFF and this other japanese store. I didnt want to buy too many cds or expensive ones… I didn’t buy any lol BUT Sarah and I have been SEARCHING for photo books in Book-off… we went to the lower section of the store and WE FOUND SOME!! She bought 2 PBs and I bought 1 of AI TAKAHASHI!!!! lol

My first PB! we will find/buy more later… ^0^

Then i bought my first official japanese magazine! The March issue of Kindai which featured Berryz Koubou on the cover and has Ai takahashi and AAA inside whoohooo

After that we decided to return to the studio and see wats going on (it was around 11:30ish). We got there and there was a line (the majority of the ppl today were asains of course lol) But the line wasn’t too long…so we were early enough….

We were confused if the ppl who had conformation emails had to be on this line but we later found out that we were on the right line haha

So while we were waiting…in the side of the buiding a van pulls up and 2pm comes out! lol i didnt take out my camera on time but i wasnt too excited to see them I WAS INTERESTED IN WONDER GIRLS lol

I saw these 2 girls with poster on the opposite side of the line and I thought they probably knew something about what the people who won do…so I approach them and as I do another van comes and Nick Cannon comes out and Im like “whoa..totally unexpected” I didnt go up to him cuz he seemed busy. I go up to the girls and I ask them if they won tickets and they say no and that they don’t know anything of how to get in. While this happens, Nick passes by us and there was this staff guy and the girls asked him if they can take a picture with him so the staff guy asks Nick if he doesnt mind and he says no…so i took the opportunity and took a picture with Nick Cannon too:

HE WAS REALLY NICE/FRIENDLY! the staff guy dropped the things Nick was carrying and Nick was like “Oh no don’t worry it;s ok” and at first my camera was on video so he took a quick video of me and Nick and he didnt seem to mind the delay either….very nice person he is ^^

So after that, we find out that everyone (either if you won a ticket or not) are on the same line but that some staff members will have a list of the ppl who were confirmed to enter the studio; would go in first…

So this was suppose to start at 1 but it started around 2;30ish and IT WAS COLD (-_-;;). And our feet were killing us…the VIP winners were split into another line 9they would be the first to go) and I started the next line with the ppl who won the regular they told me i would be VERY close..yayalol SO we waited and waited while watching that BIG screen in times square showing wonder girls slide thingy and 2 pm rehearsing LOL

Also, Sarah had gone tot he NY concert on sunday and she got me an autographed WGs poster whooot lol

DUND DUN they let in the VIP ..omg…nooo more waiting..lalalallalalalalalla….freezing…..lalalalalla….cant feel my feet…lalalal “OK you can come!” WHOOOOOTTT so I’m leading the line and we enter the studio..(its been a goal of mine to go attend TRL…even though the show is canceled they still use the studio for things so this was exciting) They tell us to leave any phones/cameras/electronic devices behind and our coats..basically everything is left in a shelf….so no pics or anything BOOOHOOO

SO its mroe waiting and BOOM they let us in the room (where TRL use to be held) and I’m RIGHT in front of the stage YAYAYYA (im still excited as Im posting this)

the manager (i thnk) of mtviggy comes out and tells us how all of this is impossible witout us and he promotes the website a lot telling us to go on and post and stuff….he was really nice and funny too (I asked him what channel would this air on and he told me that it will be on the site and knuckled me LOL)

DUNDUNDUN, they announce 2 pm and FOOSH they come out!!!!! After today i have becomed a fan of them…they are awesome and funny…

So the staff ppl tell us since this is the shooting of an episode it will be shot in different sections…2pm perform “10 out of 10”!! and wow they can perform!! I touched Nichkun while they did this lol Then they told them to do it again so we are like YAYAYAY and they do it better this time cuz the first time they messed up on some of the flips a little lol But they are funny ppl ^0^

then OMG SuChin Pak appears as the host! Im sorry but i love this women lol I really like to be a host of some show one day (not gonna happen lol) so shes like an inspiration…and i like that she friendly and not stuck up or anything VERY NICE WOMAN…Since the shooting was LONG, all of us were tired and I asked her “are you tired?” lol and she was like yea and she sat next to me and stuff lol Anyway so she comes with JYP (this man is the genius) and Sway the other MTV host was there but he disappeared lol

SO, SuChin gives 2pm and JYP an interview and I was really impresed with their english..very fluent for some of them lol I think one of them was born in the they do the interview like twice i think lol and..

WONDER GIRLS COME OUT!!!! At the festival last year, I was far away from them but this time I WAS CLOSE!!! VERY CLOSE so they come and they had the Nobody old-fashioned mics out and they were wearing the Nobody outfits and we all start screaming!!! (my voice was gone at a point lol) And the girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! Glamorous! and WOW IM IN LOVE WITH THEM….So they come out and wave at us lol they are tiny hahahaha

So Hee was my favorite wonder girl member but after today that has changed lol

The staff tell us that we can use our phones/cameras for ONLY the Nobody performance but after that we gotta put them away…HELLO u took all of our belongings…how are we suppose to take vids or pics….?…apparently some ppl had sneaked their cameras so they took vids of the Nobody performance (lucky bastards) lol

Watching Nobody and singing along with the girls live is AWESOME!! they did such a good job…the staff told them to do it again lol so we were like YAYAYYAYAy during all of this the staff ppl were like fixing the lightings and cameras and everything lol it was a long process but it made us spend a lot more time with the girls…

While they did Nobody, I stared at each of the girls when they got near to us (the staff told us not to reach the dont touch them unless they reach for you) so what we did was wave and hoped they touched us lol Sun Ye and Ye Eun were the only ones I saw during the performances that reached for the audience….Ye Eun approaches us and she extends her arm and I GRAB RIGHT ON TO IT!! literallly my hand was clutching hers lol Her hand is soft ^0^

lol then all of these hands hang on to her arm while my hand is still on holding on to hers (like a handshake) and while she tries to pull away i pull her back for like 2 secs until I realized that I was being greedy and aggresive lol I felt bad cuz i didnt want her to think i was trying to steal her or something lol but she kept on smiling…..

after that, the girls were ready to perform So Hot but instead they played “Tell Me” and the girls were confused lol and so were we ahahhaha SO they perform Tell Me and WHOOOO I love this song…and they performed it again WHOOOOOO lol

Then So Hot….YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAY and again !!!!! and another time!!!!! LOL it was an awesome chain of performances even though the songs were repeated I DIDNT MIND (it was to perfect the shooting)….then they have an interview and aaaahhhh they are so cuteee when they speak english lol And they do the interview again lol During all of this, it was fun to see the girls standing right in front of us just standing there waiting for the staff to tell them when to go on….

Sunmi: played a lot with Ye Eun while waiting lol She was really tired and made these “uggh I’m tired” faces lol

Sunye: She was always smiling lol And it was fun when they stood there adn they interacted with us lol She has a very uplifting spirit I LUV HER lol

Sohee: I kept screaming her name and she didnt notice lol many ppl screamed for her but she didnt respond to a lot of them lol Shes adorable though…she would make this face expressions with her lips and cheeks lol At one point idk wat happend to her but she like jumped up and opened her eyes O_O…i think she lost her balance or smthing but it was (quoting the girl next to me) “awkward” but in a kawaii way lol I still love her too

Yoobin: Ughh this girl rocks!! lol she seemed laid back and cool

Ye Eun: THIS GIRL HAS BECOMED MY FAVORITE WONDER GIRLS MEMBER!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!! Shes the most friendliest and nice!! She always cares for her fans and once she saw us she always waved at us and tried to touch us….while they were waiting for the interview to start, (after i didnt want to let go of her) I kept staring at her and she saw me and she smiled at me or I smiled at her (i forget) but we had a little moment and it was beautiful!!!!! thats wat killed me…she has taken my heart lol I LOVE YOU YE EUN!!

the girls were tired!! you can see it in their expressions…they had those heels that seemed uncomfortable and Ye Eun had bruises on her feet *:(* we were all tired!

So after the performances and a long process of getting the interview together, it was time for the Q& they had us sit down and changed the studio a bit…at this time 2 pm came out again and two fans asked them questions and stuff..very funny moment cuz the guys were playing with each other lol

then the staff guy announces that he’ll give us a gift and he”ll allow the girls to go around the audience and give us handshakes!! AAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I shook all of their hands!!! Actually I held Sohee’s arm and didnt shake her hand lol but to the other girls I did….I think i did it twice to Ye Eun… (my goal was to hug one of them)…. lol and this one girl hugs Ye Eun so I’m like NOOO i gotta hug my girl lol so i push through people and she reaches out her hand and I’m spread my arms and she’s like “OH aww” AND I HUGGED HER!!! OMG best moment ever…i didnt want to let go…she smells good too….ugghh i love her…

So we all know that everythings gonna come to a close and then they tell the girls and guys of 2pm to highfive us!! and we’re like AYYAYAYAYYA and boommm I high-fived all the wonder girls and 2 pm too lol so i got handshakes from 2 pm too..i like their handshakes lol to the girls it was like gentlemans and when they got to me it was like an American-guy type of handshake I was impressed lol then JYP comes and Im like aaahhh i gotta shake his hand and I did!! lol his hand was cold but hes really nice!

then about these 6 winners of the dancing contest got on stage and danced a clip of Nobody with the girls lol lucky bastards…then everything came to a close and the Wonder girls, JYP and 2 pm leave…aaahhh but an awesome day it was…!!!!

Sarah and I leave and she shows me where to go for my bus stop and we say bye but after that my brother calls me telling me that they are gonna pick me up so I’m like YAYAYAY ill go to the side of the studio where the girls exit (cuz during the JYP tour i saw on fancams that the girls and 2 pm always left on the backside of the venues and there would be fans waiting and they take pics and autographs) So i decided to return to the studio and i get to the side of it. These two girls tell me that JYP just left and he gave them autographs lol I missed him…but we wait and wait and 2 pm comes out…but they were in a hurry and they dont stop for pics or autographs so booohoooo…but i have vid of them exiting lol

So we wait and wait and ahahahaha the wonder girls come out…and Ye Eun is the first one..(i had my Nobody cd with me for them to signa nd a pen lol) so Ye Eun stop for only like 2 autographs (again very caring towards her fans) and the security tells us that they dont have time for this and So Hee, Yoobin, and Sunmi pass right by me and i’m like noooo i want autographs or pics but BAMMM Ye Eun is right in front of me and she looks at me and i stick out my cd and shes like “OK ok” LOL or smthing like that and she starts signing but the stupid pen didnt write on the front cover (i shouldve told her to sign inside the booklet) and the pens not working and shes like “uh uh uh” while tryign to hurry up and she somewhat finishes the signature and i say thank you and leaves…i was the last person who got an wutograph from her ayayyayayaya the autograph is not the best but its there lol its better than anything from my new favorite WGs member…i approach the van and Sunyes signing other autographs and a fans like “this is the last one” and shes “sigh ok ok last one *smile*” aahhh she was so cute and poof they get into the van and leave…. Ye Eun’s signature!!:


SO TODAY WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!! I got to touch 2 pm, JYP and the ESPECIALLY THE WONDER GIRLS!! and get a high-five, 2 handshake, HUG, a smile and autograph from Ye Eun!!

have i mentioned that i love her lol

i will totally attend their concert next year…Wonder Girls are officially my Top favorite band/ more AAA lol and Morning Musume is up there but never fully the top!!
here are two vids:
I LUV THE WONDER GIRLS!! lets hope for the best in their career and future debut here in america! WGs FIGHTING <3
[Source: boku90picblog.blogspot]
[Credit: rai (for tip off)]
  1. RIA permalink
    March 12, 2009 8:06 AM

    who is that guy all in black trailing 2PM @_@ he looks kind of smexy and mysterious even though i only saw his backside (and a damn nice backside at that @_@)

    =_= i should have been there….. i will be! next year!

  2. March 12, 2009 1:14 PM

    Omigosh, it sounds so exciting. I wish I could have gone. xD

  3. angelkamille permalink
    March 12, 2009 1:49 PM

    I just wanna DIE.. lol.. who said “oh my gosh”? Ye Eun? WAh Sunye haha “sorry she doesnt have alot of time. @_@ but she did sign those for the fans.. <3 <3 <3
    haha You can see Sohee’s errr passive attitude here.. lol..
    Sunmi is Sunmi.. as for Yoobin, well she rocks :D

  4. Carolee permalink
    March 12, 2009 3:28 PM

    OMG!!!!..i was there…and im in ur

  5. wgholic permalink
    March 12, 2009 3:41 PM

    wahh so lucky and
    ye eun is love <3
    she always care so much about her fan
    gahh i’m soo jealous !!

  6. wgforever permalink
    March 12, 2009 3:53 PM

    when is this going to be broadcasted?

  7. nene permalink
    March 12, 2009 9:23 PM

    You’re so lucky
    hahaha Ye eun is queen of fan service.
    I love all 5 wonder
    I don’t know who’s my favourite.

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