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[Info+Photos] (Fan Account) Wonder Girls on MTV 090310

March 12, 2009

By (I cutted his post short since some wasnt wg related)

So as you may know, I packed my bags after hearing that I won VIP passes to go see Wonder Girls, 2PM and JYP! I had an extra pass that was going to Vii and Juicy decided to come along for the ride! I made some quick notes during the road trip along with vii and Juicy. I left Toronto to drive to Waterloo at 4:30pm and arrived in Waterloo for 5:30pm . We had dinner at 6:00pm then left Waterloo at 7:00pm to begin the AWESOMENESS.

Crossing the US border!
We just left the state of NY to enter PA?
WTF service stations are plentiful on the way.. BUT WHY AREN’T THEY OPEN?! Why would a McDonalds here close?
Toll booth guy gypped us 75¢ AMERICAN. That’s 96¢ Canadian!
Auburn, New York is by far the SCARIEST place I’ve been to
In Homer, New York there are many signs that give warning to COWS crossing
20 minutes away from NYC. Looking for food. Have not eaten since 6:00pm. Should’ve stopped at IHOP. Why isn’t anything open?
3:30am aznkid runs a red light
3:40am Toll booth guy will not take my Canadian money. He asked if I had any “regular dollars”. Hilarity ensues for quite some time
4:10am vii suggests we eat at a vendor. He pronounces it “ven-dore”. Also said “unit” like “you-neet”
4:15am After Juicy laughs at Viet’s Engrish, he says “shower” like “sho-er”. God, we’re tired.
4:30am We finally find an open restaurant called Venus. Juicy orders a Muenster burger. We had to ask what Muenster was. Waiter asks if I want home fries. I ask him what corn fries are

5:00am Is it even possible to get a hotel here? I think we will sleep in the car. We will shower at Juicy’s friends place in the morning
5:30am We find a shady looking motel in Jersey. Let’s check rates
5:40am They have hourly rates. Shady. Who cares, we’re tired. We enter the wrong room. Bed was DISGUSTING. Mess everywhere. Toilet full of pee. We slowly back out. We find our proper room. We were told 2 person maximum occupancy SEVERAL times. Juicy hides in car. We tell him to join us in the room. He decides to sleep in the back instead
6:30am I finally sleep. Never did I think I would drive to Waterloo, and then 9 hours to NYC

8:20am vii’s alarm goes off
8:45am I did not fall back asleep after the alarm so I got up to shower and get sexy for Wonder Girls. I slept less than 1.5hrs. FML
9:15am I wake Juicy up from the back seat of my car. He showers
9:45am We’re all showered. LET’S HIT THE ROAD. MTV has requested we show up NO LATER than 1:00pm . We leave Jersey to drive to Newport. We park the car at Newport mall. $22 for parking at this crappy mall. Eep. SUBWAY TIME!
12:25pm We arrive. We decide to line up rather than get breakfast. Why are we even lining up? We have VIP. We entertain their request. Juicy lines up in the regular lineup to see if he can get in
12:45pm JYP employee takes a picture of me and vii in line
1:15pm I run into whataboutadam and meekakitty in the lineup. Adam flew from Northern Ireland to see the Wonder Girls. Anyone remember their Nobody Ukelele Version?


1:20pm MTV employee asks me to ask 2PM a rehearsed question


1:30pm I get interviewed for MTV Iggy about Wonder Girls
1:45pm Wonder Girls camera man asks me to record a snippet about them
2:30pm Finally get into the studio. IT’S FREEZING. I have a quick chat with johnnydorama

2:40pm I am recognized in line as the cereal eater off YouTube
3:00pm PERFORMANCES START. MY LIFE IS FULL OF WIN. FRONT ROW, BABY! Some girl Alice tries to bribe me and vii with candy
3:15pm Juicy manages to run to the front of line. He’s the last one in. Everyone else has to watch from the Jumbotron


3:30pm I am asked to move to the side. I am too tall. 5′9″ too tall? DAMN YOU SMALL FAN GIRLS
4:00pm EVERYONE GET YOUR CAMERAS! YOU ARE ALLOWED TO RECORD “NOBODY”! Make sure to click “HQ” on the video because the quality is otherwise terrible

4:30pm I yell out asking YooBin to marry me but she doesn’t respond. It’s been 12 hours since I’ve consumed food and I’m running on less than 1.5 hours of sleep. I have so much adrenaline I don’t care. Juicy and vii proceed to discuss every guy they would like to drop kick in the studio. Who can blame them? I’d kick in the teeth of the “Gee” singing asswipe too
I am seated so close to the Wonder Girls. 10cm I SWEAR. They smell good. SoHee’s body is covered in goosebumps. How come to mic pouch on the back of their dress is so ghetto? They’re all crooked and off centred
5:15pm I prepare to ask my question to 2PM. Producer pulls me aside to turn my tshirt inside out ): On the bright side, he told me listened to my “So Hot” cover and loved it
5:30pm I’m on TV asking the question! I rep Canada! I feel bad because I had to talk to 2PM looking past the Wonder Girls. I hope they don’t think I honestly travelled for 2PM
5:45pm Session is over. Everyone gets to have handshakes and high fives with Wonder Girls, 2PM and JYP. Peep the homegirl in the back! UNNNGHHH!

5:50pm I give props to JYP for being THE SHIT
6:00pm Special VIP meet and greet session begins. 2PM’s Taecyeon shouts out, “Hey Kevin from Canada!”
6:10pm Get to have a quick word and handshake with each member of Wonder Girls and 2PM. We leave the studios. johnnydorama suggests eating at TGIFridays
6:15pm We get our goodie bag from MTV. IT IS SO GOOD. T-Shirt, hat, necklace, The Wonder Years, So Hot, and an autographed copy of The Wonder Years Trilogy


Random Notes:
The Wonder Girls are much prettier in person
Their English is good! Easy to understand everything they’re trying to say. It’s adorable!
SunYe and YeEun were the friendliest with SunMi and SoHee coming next, then last is YooBin which dispapointing because she’s my favourite (although she was still nice.. just not as nice)
Wonder Girls perform flawlessly EVERY SINGLE TIME (Some songs had to be performed 2 or 3 times)
SoHee sings better than I thought
Jaebeom from 2PM thinks he’s the hottest shit on earth
JYP was flirting hard with MTV host SuChin

[Source: Aznkid]

  1. juicebox permalink
    March 13, 2009 2:50 AM

    Hehehe… he has friends called Vii & Juicy.
    Now, if only I were one of them… T_T.

  2. angelkamille permalink
    March 13, 2009 4:02 AM

    #juicebox.. lmao!
    while i was reading i thought it was YOU!.
    T__T sad…
    anyway you already got to see our girls..

    @_@ the goodies are really GOOD.

  3. wgholic permalink
    March 13, 2009 6:08 PM

    lol thanks for the fan account :)


  1. aznkid spotted!

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