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[NEWS] JYP Tour in New York City 090311

March 12, 2009

by ErikTaylor@Ningin


New York City was the last stop for the JYP family as they ended the 2009 JYP Tour. The venue was the biggest of the three, and probably had the biggest crowd. Once again as expected, everything from the stage, costumes, and set list were exactly the same as the previous two concerts. I’m going to keep this short, because really, there isn’t very much to say about the concert that hasn’t already been said before.

The only noticeable difference between this concert and the previous two is that G-Soul was missing for some mysterious reason. Instead, J.Lim opened the show by herself, which was nothing special. It’s not that she was bad, it’s just that it’s been four years since “Music Is My Life” came out, and apparently it’s the only song she ever sings.

After J.Lim is done, Wonder Girls are rushed on stage. Their performance was pretty much a watered down version of The 1st Wonder, their own concert. After the usual performances from the girls, they took a short break while 2PM came out and sent the fan girls into a frenzy. As usual, the crowd was the loudest for the 2PM boys. After 2PM sang the two songs they have to promote, Wonder Girls came back out to finish up, at one point being joined again by 2PM to perform the Tango version of “Nobody”, which was seen 4 months earlier at the 2008 MKMF Awards.


Saving the best for last, Park Jin Young was the final, and most entertaining performer of the night. As with Wonder Girls performances, his was basically the same as his own concert, only on a much smaller scale. Suffice it to say every single performance in the concert was great, from J.Lim opening to the Wonder Girls and JYP closing the show. Everyone’s vocals were on point, they all sounded great… save for a few microphone problems and feedback throughout the show. The dancing was just about perfect. While it was great to see all of these people live, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit disappointed, only because I would prefer if they had done something different instead of reusing the ideas from their own concerts. I just feel like they’ve done it too many times before. Even so, I have to say that the 2009 JYP Tour was miles better than the 2008 JYP Tour. Looking forward to 2010!

[Source: Ningin]

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