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[News] Concert Event, WonderFul Participate (Translated) 090316

March 16, 2009

Translated and romanised cheer available (:


Download the translated & romanised cheer sheets: HERE

I seriously had goosebumps when luxtoraa passed to me the translations… if this entire event works well at the concert, i’m 100% sure that our girls are gonna cry so badly. I Love Korean WonderFuls! <3

[Source: WonderFul Daum Cafe]

  1. geena permalink
    March 16, 2009 10:24 PM

    really touching. wonderful let’s unite

  2. nyssnisacha permalink
    March 16, 2009 11:35 PM

    i cant believe i actually cried..but yeah, i totally wept when i read event no 4..hahahaaaa…cant wait for their korea’s concert…and with that, i mean fancams…do you think there’ll be a red carpet or something??like alicia keys(if i’m not mistaken) concert in korea before??

  3. RIA permalink
    March 17, 2009 12:08 AM

    omfg! this is like epic! its gonna be fantastic!

  4. singalaut permalink
    March 17, 2009 11:41 AM

    I’m having goosebumps already. Imagine the real thing. Really love the Korean Wonderfuls. They’re so much dedicated. I hope one day Wonderfuls from all over the world would unite and do the same thing.

  5. wgholic permalink
    March 17, 2009 1:52 PM

    wow..haha it’s really touching
    i hope they can do this successfully
    it’ll be great and our girls would be soo touched :)

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