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[Info+Downloads] Wonder Girls Cheer Sheet For WonderFul 090316

March 17, 2009

*Updated as of 16th March 2009

These are the Official cheers as posted in wonderholic, with some modifications by JYPE staff in the WonderFul Daum Cafe. These cheers are part of the EVENT for Wonderfuls to participate in the coming concert in Korea. If you havent read it, click here for details on the event.

Cheer Sheets (Translated+Romanised)

1) Bad Boy
2) Headache
3) I Wanna
4) Irony
5) Nobody
6) So Hot
7) Tell Me
8) This Fool
9) You’re Out
10) Nobody Rainstone Remix

_____Saved as Microsoft Word Document_____

Name: [WonderFul]

No. of cheers: 10 | File Size: 84.5kb


[Credit: + WonderFul Daum Cafe]

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  1. wgholic permalink
    March 17, 2009 1:55 PM

    thank you :)
    can’t wait for the concert in korea ^^

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