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[Info] Channel [V] Battle Of The Pop (Round 3)

March 21, 2009

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It’s the Battle of the Pop: Asia vs America!

The best of pop music in Asia and the U.S. are going head to head for the Channel [V] Pop Star throne. Asia – the emerging arena for fresh pop sound – and the USA – the birthplace of pop – are stirring international waters with the biggest mainstream battle of the year. Akon vs Rain, Nidji vs The Killers, BOA vs Miley Cyrus – Can you choose sides between the best of the best?

[V] is adding fuel to the musical fire by letting you pick sides! Join the battle by selecting your favorite artists in different music genres and tell us why they are the best. We’ll tally up the votes and show you who reigns superior on March 29th, all day between the hours of 6am and 6pm.

– Round 1 ended on March 16th

– Round 2 ended on March 19th

Round 3 ends March 23rd so be sure to get your votes in!

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[Credit: Hum for tip-off +]


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