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[Stream] 07-07-19 Sunmi, Sunye, Yeeun – TvN Collect some data of deceased from hypnotism (Trans)

March 24, 2009

This time the staff will test the highway ghost with Wondergirls. Hello. Ghosts often appear to stars. Recently their encounter with a ghost even appeared in news articles.

Q. It’s said you had an encounter not long ago?
We once went to an MT (like a trip with friends) and we had a campfire. I took a pic of it and it looks like a ghost. Sohee said it was a ghost pic. I don’t know if you can see well, but there is a face here. (See MTVWGSeason 2 last episode for better picture.) A snapshot from the campfire, there is a human face on it.

Q. Your feelings about doing the highway ghost encounter?
I’m anticipating but on another side I’m also nervous. And because it’s not only us but other people are helping us it’s going to be an even more special experiment. To help the Wondergirls on their encounter with the highway ghost are Jang Yoon Jeong who can see ghosts and Choi Yeong Shik and Park Jin Yeo who study ghosts. It’s late night time where ghosts are said to appear more often. Now they are at the Ilsan Interchange. A ghost is said to be here and will it also show itself in front of the staff’s cameras? Finally they have arrived at the place. [Immediately after stepping out they feel the fear…] Did they know we were coming? Because rain started to fall and a lot of cars were on the highway. Over there, if anyone has seen a ghost it will most likely have been there. Q. The appearance of the ghost you see right now? It’s tall and wears black clothes. It has no eyes and so the eye part appears to be even bigger. But I can’t feel that it is a woman. Its appearance is of a woman’s but I can’t feel a woman. I think it’s a man. But he appears as a woman. [A man appearing as a woman?] Immediately after arriving Jang Yoon Jeong saw a ghost. She even tells about the appearance. Look over there, if you look you’ll see something disappearing and appearing again. Sunye: Something white appears and disappears! Ghost See-er: That’s her face. Could you communicate with the ghost? For knowing more the staff requested her to try to communicate with the ghost. An accident happened here but he didn’t die here. He has died on the other side. He is a man in his early 40ties and there’s a bridge. He fell off there. Q. Is it suicide? No, alcohol? I think he was drunk. A man ghost who is said to be standing there. Because of the ghost see-er even talking to the ghost Wondergirls and the staff feel uneasy. On the other hand, the ghost studiers in the van have felt presences. There are presences which have followed us from the office. There are a lot of presences here who wanted to become something in the direction of television and filming. There are a lot of souls here. They talked to the ghost earlier, now they want to go even closer to it. Wait, I think he is coming over here. The presence of fear is coming closer and closer. Is the ghost coming closer to us? The ghost studiers said that it is possible to communicate with the ghost and Wondergirls now try that. Now you forget everything and in the sky the stars are shining. Blabla the man describing some scenery.

And from here there is a narrow stairway which leads down. Go down the stairs. Going down you become more and more comfortable. Now if you feel anything twitch your fingers. Are they really experiencing a ghost? Like a lie they suddenly twitch their fingers all at the same time. Will they be able to meet a spirit? Now follow this road. You aren’t watching with your eyes but feeling it. Come to this place, if you feel a presence say it. Say anything you feel. In a comfortable state say anything you feel. Sunye: I feel comfortable. Sunmi: Sadness. Who is feeling sad? Think more. Say anything you might feel. Sunmi: I don’t feel free, like something is holding me down. (There’s a krn expression for this but in English I had to paraphrase) Why do you not feel free? Why are you sad? I want to see…What do you want to see? My family… Who is sad? Why are you not free? Some person. Who? I don’t know. Express your feelings. Cries. Who cries? The person. Why? Because he can’t go. (To PD) Did she hear our talk before? The talk some time ago? What did they talk about! 30min ago during the interview. What the presence wants is to leave this place. He has a way he has to go but he can’t at the moment. So the thing he wants most right now is to leave this place. That’s why he appears to people. Feels not free. Can’t go… Sunmi says the same thing that the staff got to know. Is she really communicating with the spirit? Or is it just coincidence… Why can’t you go? Is there a reason? Because there is no one to take him. Why are you lonely? Why are you not feeling free? Why are you sad? Who makes you not go? I don’t know. Can you feel it? Is there a connection between the highway-ghost stories you hear and this ghost? Is there or is there not? You’ll wake up at the count of three. Three, two, one. An experience hard to explain in words. I saw bright moments flicker past. Why didn’t you say? I didn’t know how to explain. I’m sad, not feeling free…I can’t tell cause I’m so sad.

[Credit: Luxtoraa for translations + iL0VEsunmi@YT]

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  1. getmesumrice permalink
    March 25, 2009 11:15 PM

    whoa. our alien can even speak to ghosts??! sun mi is definitely living in a 4th dimension!

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