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[NEWS] Wonder Girls Remake of Fin.K.L’s to be Released on 4th as Both CF & MV, 090402

April 2, 2009


Wonder Girls Remake Fin.K.L’s <NOW> Music Video
By Park JaeDuk (

The Wonder Girls have remade the music video for Fin.K.L’s hit song <NOW> and will be releasing it on the coming 4th.

There have been plenty of occasions in the past when idol singers have remade existing hit songs—such as Girls’ Generation’s cover of Lee SeungChul’s <Girls’ Generation> and Big Bang’s cover of Lee MoonSae’s <Red Sunset>–but this is the first time that a music video is being remade.

This music video is particularly noteworthy because JYP Entertainment has directly arranged the song in such a way that it is reborn with a beat and style that is exclusive to the Wonder Girls. Not only that but the music video takes on another level of fun as viewers will enjoy the fantastic dancing and YooBin’s powerful rapping.

ae_1238657044_1360878277_1Just as Fin.K.L shed its “fairy” image through the music video for <NOW>, the Wonder Girls appear to be following suit. In the new music video, they have been transformed into “sexy spies” wearing alluring smoky makeup and slimming leather outfits. As they are seen exquisitely avoiding laser beams and dancing waves, they emanate a more mature and polished, feminine charm that differs from their established image.

This music video came about as EVER was preparing new television commercials to promote its new XSlim Phone. The video offers relief to Wonder Girls fans who must wait while the group goes on hiatus until the release of its 5th project album. It also offers fun and enjoyable media contents to EVER consumers in the target 10-20-year-old age group.

There are special plans for one part of the music video’s storyline to be used in the television commercial for ‘XSlim Phone’ which means users will be able to enjoy multiple contents offered by both a music video and a television commercial.

EVER’s marketing director Park HyungGeun revealed, “We used the black and white contrast of Fin.K.L’s existing <NOW> music video in order to capture the black and white image of EVER’s new product, the XSlim Phone.” He added, “We changed the atmosphere to a futuristic one in order to showcase the slim and polished product design. We also changed the scene where they enter the male actor’s house by including a scene where they avoid laser beams. All these changes add a different, more eye-catching appeal.”

[Source: Joynews24]

[translations: ppopki @ spectacle]

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