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[NEWS] WG & 2AM Featured in Video Supporting 2PM’s Upcoming Album, 080408

April 8, 2009

Wonder Girls & 2AM Featured in Video Supporting 2PM’s Upcoming Album
By Lee SuHyun at Star MoneyToday


With the 7-member group 2PM’s comeback approaching, the Wonder Girls and 2AM, among other management company family members, have stepped forward to offer words of encouragement.

On April 7, 2PM revealed a preview clip for their new single on the famous video site YouTube.

In this video, the Wonder Girls, 2AM, and other members belonging the JYPEntertainment family, as well as employees of both JYP USA and JYP Korea, all appeared to express their feelings about 2PM’s new single.

The Wonder Girls asked viewers to look forward to 2PM’s new album, stating, “Please keep an eye on 2PM’s album. You’ll be able to see a drastically different and more masculine side of 2PM.” 2AM further increased interest by describing 2PM’s new choreography.

Meanwhile, 2PM is planning to make a comeback in the middle of the month.

[Source: StarMoneyToday]
[Translation: Ppopki@Spectacle]

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  1. April 8, 2009 8:40 PM

    yay wonderfuls should support JYP family

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