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[NEWS] Event 1: Wonder Girls Fan Appreciation Week! 090507

May 7, 2009


I know all of you have been extremely anxious to find out how allkpop and JYP Entertainment will bring you closer to the Wonder Girls… right?

Well, we’ve been reading your comments and theories, not only on allkpop, but all over the web. And we actually came across one that made us laugh our asses off. Thanks to “windstar!~” over at WGSpectacle, for his extremely creative theory:

“Free entry if you bring a chicken egg to see WG live, where they will be singing their minialbum debut. It will be at a sushi bar, and starts at 1:50pm. There will be puzzles and games at the sushi bar/resturant where you get to win the minialbum (one of the first), and it will revive/reborn your love for WG in a totally new way <3”

Close. Ok, so it was completely off, but here’s the real scoop!

When I met the Wonder Girls for the first time, over at the MTV Studios in March, I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet and friendly the girls were. And well, they really are. I mean, even with their busy schedules, the Wonder Girls recently went shopping to personally handpick gifts for their fans!

Sun, Yenny, Yubin, Sohee and Mimi all purchased 2 gifts, one for a Myspace friend and one for a Facebook fan! The Wonder Girls really want to give back to their fans so they will be choosing 10 lucky fans: 5 from Myspace and 5 from Facebook!

In order to quality:
– You must be a fan of the Wonder Girls on either, or both their:
Official Myspace and Official Facebook pages.
– Winners will be determined by posting on either the Wonder Girls Facebook or Myspace wall, in response to: “Who is your favorite Wonder Girl and why?

*No one person can be winners of both the Myspace and Facebook gift, but you can definitely respond on both sites and show your love!
*All responses must be posted by May 10th, 2009 by 11:59PM EST.

With that said, check out the personal message from the Wonder Girls below, and stay tuned for the next event… we look forward to more theories on what the Wonder Girls will be bringing next!

Subbed by our very own Wonderfuls: coolsmurf and eunice!

Wonder Girls Official Sites!

Sun’s Twitter
Yenny’s Twitter
Yubin’s Twitter
Sohee’s Twitter
Mimi’s Twitter

[Source: Allkpop]

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  1. wgholic permalink
    May 7, 2009 5:13 PM

    ahaha i will still want the pen ye eun bought!!!!!
    hehe man the girls are so sweet :)

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