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[News] Wonder Girls Asiance Magazine Interview 09-04-09

May 15, 2009



The Wonder Girls are a South Korean pop group comprised of 5 girl members who are produced and managed by JYP Entertainment and looking to break into the American market…What Asian superstar isn’t?

The band has been a hit in Asia for over 2 years having performed all over Asia and teaming up with other members of the JYP Family. The five girls, Yubin, Ye Eun, Sunye, Sun Mi and Sohee not only sing but they starred in their own reality show The Wonder Life which MTV aired, have their own makeup line and Yubin even raps!

Only time will tell which Asian superstar can break into the American market successfully. We’ve interviewed all of them: Rain, Se7en, Utada, BoA, Sun and the Wonder Girls. We’ll definitely keep our eye out on their progress , in the meantime, we ask the Wonder’s a few questions for your enjoyment.

ASIANCE: What do you hope to accomplish in the United States?

Wonder Girls: We would like to work with other talented artists besides Koreans in the U.S. As artists its our hope to spread our music to more audience.

ASIANCE: Anyone you would like work with? An American celebrity?

Wonder Girls: Jay-Z, he’s a great producer.

ASIANCE: Where is your favorite place to perform?

Wonder Girls: My favorite place to perform is Orange County, California. We had so much fun last time we performed there, and the crowd was fabulous.

ASIANCE: Is there an American song that you would just love to cover?

Wonder Girls: Diana Ross and the Supremes, “Baby Love”.

ASIANCE: What Asian celebrities or stars do you admire?

Wonder Girls: We admire JY Park because of his passion for music.

ASIANCE: What is the song Nobody about?

Wonder Girls: “Nobody” is about a woman who still loves her man, but he’s trying to push her away because he thinks he’s not good enough for her. The official release of “Nobody” will be on May 5, 2009.

ASIANCE: Your video was on Perez Hilton. What do you think about that?

Wonder Girls: Yes, we were excited because he showed interest in many Asian artists. We were thankful that he liked our video and he’s such a comedic guy.

ASIANCE: What plans do you have for taking over the United States? Is their a tour in the works? Give us the dates.

Wonder Girls: We hope to influence our American audience with our songs and performances. And maybe become inspirational to the youth of America. No, there isn’t a tour in the works yet, but we may have something similar developing soon. No tour dates have been confirm!ed. As of now, we’re preparing for their English debut release of their latest single in Asia, “Nobody.”

by jaymie – April 9th, 2009, 11:04am


  1. Izzah permalink
    May 17, 2009 12:41 AM

    “The official release of “Nobody” will be on May 5, 2009.”


  2. wgholic permalink
    May 17, 2009 8:33 AM

    can’t wait for their english debut!!!!

  3. nepurr permalink
    May 18, 2009 1:53 AM

    They want to work with Jay-Z!!! How epic would that be?? they would def. be getting back to their hip hop sound if they worked with Jay-Z!

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