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[Info] Wonder Girls have landed in Beijing! 090610

June 10, 2009

Wonder Girls arrived at beijing airport at 12.28pm this afternoon [+8GMT]


Fan account at Airport:

  • Yeeun – Like a queen (very empress-like) , she kept waving to fans left-and-right, wore the clothes on CY传(?) photos. Her hair’s the same as the current one. [The one with center parting (:]
  • Yoobin – Kept smiling, waving to fans left-and-right, wore black-white stripes top, very pretty
  • Sohee – Kept smiling secretly, very pretty
  • Sunmi – She looked down when i was taking a photo of her, very pretty
  • Sunye – Looking just like the FreeStyle fan meet, pulling her luggage
  • Yeeun left the airport first following by Yoobin, Sohee, Sunmi & finally Sunye.
  • There was approx. 30 people who went to the arrival

According to some fans who’re stalking:
(I’ll post updates when they come in)

  • 2:00pm – Wonder Girls are currently having lunch [Wonder Girls in 1 car, Staff and luggages in 1 car]
  • Someone kicked Sunye’s luggage, leaving her to carry it herself. [LOL!]
  • 4:00pm – Fans at SINA waiting for WG interview.
  • 6:40pm – Wonder Girls have reached SINA interview hall, straight after the interview , they’ll present their gifts and signature.
  • 9:??pm – Wonder Girls left SINA building for dinner, fan talked to driver of WG’s van (586) said that no one chased during the afternoon & they ate lunch at 望京 then went to JYP China HQ and finally back to the hotel. [The driver also leaked that the hotel WG stayed in is at 四惠那边慈云寺桥往东不远 远洋国际b座的一个新开张的公寓式酒店 (sorry cant translate that)]
  • 10:30pm – Staff left the restraunt, JYP was chatting with some staff, Yoobin, Yeeun & Sunye came down next. Fan rushed to say hi to them, but Sunye did not see, hence only Yoobin & Yeeun turned and smiled.
  • Fan followed them out and the 3 of them started chatting, fan took out his/her camera and took a snapshot but a staff walked up and told him/her not to take photos.
  • Next, Sohee & Sunmi came down, fan kept waving & sohee saw him/her & gave him/her a weird look (him/her was too excited) They left the restraunt in the van after that.
  • But they stopped by ‘LONG ISLAND’ SPA & left the car, into the shop. (probably to relax themselves)
  • -Fan left for home –

[Source: WGCN + 樱子@baidu + Baidu + LYY@WGCN]
[Translation: + Yeeunholic]

  1. wgchristine permalink
    June 10, 2009 4:12 PM


  2. ang3l_girl permalink
    June 10, 2009 5:03 PM

    ahhhhh! someone kicked sunye’s bag???! what the?………how could they?

  3. shar016 permalink
    June 10, 2009 5:37 PM

    @sunye’s bag: LOL..leader’s unlucky today. But i don’t get it. Why would anyone kick her luggage??
    I hope their live stage tonight will be successful. It must be hard for them to sing in mandarin, esp when it’s live.

  4. amber permalink
    June 10, 2009 9:36 PM

    why in the world did they kick her bag?

    poor Leadah

    Girls are looking soo prettah!

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