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[News] Wonder Girls Prepares To Enter China Market 090612

June 13, 2009



Qianlong entertainment news, 12th of June:
Yesterday afternoon, Korea’s popular girl group Wonder Girls are here in Beijing, bringing in some “Hallyu”, here in china, in this hot summer. JYP China who has the ability in managing and training top fine artiste, together with CCTV and CJ Mnet held a press conference to announce the news of Wonder Girls entering China’s market and the plans of releasing albums and holding concerts.

JYP China had specially organized this event for the singers of popular hit song “Nobody”, the Wonder Girls, and together with CJ Mnet, they will collaborate in album production, releases and this year end’s concert. J.Y. Park and the Wonder Girls had specially flown in to China for this event, even though they have tight schedules ahead of them. The “launch” event, not only there are media interviews and press conference, the Wonder Girls also sang their hit songs and a small fan meet session. Wonder Girls sang “Nobody”, “Tell Me”, “So Hot” and the leader of the group, Sun Ye, together top finest producer, J.Y. Park, together sang a duet; “Afternoon Separation”.
The fans in china said that they are very excited to see their favorite artiste here in china, and had always been looking forward to meet the singers of the hit catchy song ”Nobody”, the Wonder Girls.

[Source: Qianlong news]


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