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[Info] Wonder Fever Lives On in the Philippines as “US GIRLS” takes on a Wonder Girls inspired make over.

June 14, 2009

So you think the Wonder Girls fever in the Philippines would just revolve around parodies and performances? You thought wrong!

People from US GIRLS, a lifestyle magazine show, took the hype a notch higher by actually making a make over segment that is dedicated to Wonder Girls and their Filipino fans. As US Girls’ segment producer Kid puts it, “Basically our show, Us Girls… will dress up 5 Filipina Wonder Girls fanatic and make them look like the Wonder Girls (in terms of outfit / get-up). This is for one of the show’s episodes”. Exciting huh? I knew it, kjpop’s article was right by saying that the Wonder Girls fever in the Philippines will “ just keep goin’ and goin’ and goin’…”

This very special episode will air tonight (6.14.09) on Studio 23, 7pm. And since I am not sure if we can record the segment (sorry), we’ll just give your some behind the scene videos and photos of the lucky girls. (Thanks to Mariko for letting me us her photos and videos.)

See Videos here.
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Warning: Random spazzing ahead.

I so wish Wonder Girls would come here in the Philippines!
Or you can just send us tickets to fly to S. Korea! (i think the latter option is better. lol). WonderfulPhilippines would love to see the WOnder Girls! oohh.. by the way, we are turning 1..and it would be a nice gift to actually see Wonder Girls live here.. he he.

Filipino WOnderfuls, time to turn on your tv!! and it would be better if you could record it. ha ha.

– Nins@wonderfulphilippines

[Credit: Nutshellgirl@soompi for sharing]

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Seems like Wonder Girls are exploding everywhere :D


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