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[Info] Random Twits on Wonder Girls, 090621

June 21, 2009

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watching the MV of Nobody by Wonder Girls :D while cramming for AP!!! :o

^Credit: thisisjoo

Rosie said once you know wonder girls you just cannot help but to like them. thats the wonder charm! yes all the 5 girls have that charm!

^Credit: funoo

my brain keep forgetting that the Wondergirls(!) are on tour with the Jonas Brothers(!), as if its too good to be true. which it is.

^Credit: emmamarie_2

i cannot believe wondergirls is touring in u.s. with jonas brothers. omg omg omg. -____- ! work was hecka tiring today >__<

^Credit: chocolettese0ul

@Jonasbrothers Hey guys! Are you excited about Wondergirls opening for your World Tour?

^Credit: reggieveggie

tonight was awesome :D met Nicole Anderson, Honor Society, and Wonder Girls again! Soundcheck was fun! I love Mr. Jonas<3

^Credit: cameroniscool

@Jonasbrothers congratsssss. i wish i could see wonder girls when they tour with you.

^Credit: cherrule

@Jonasbrothers with the wonder girls? they’re mad cool.

^Credit: anitoee

i swear i’m gonna learn how to do the “nobody” dance by wondergirls, it’s been over a few months since i’ve seen it. it’s time.

^Credit: omgmt

you knoww what JB opening act i wanna hear?. those Wonder Girls or whoever. i wonder if they’reany good. of course i’m excited HS!.<333

^Credit: XTreasureBearX

Oh, and I said hi to Papa J and the Wonder Girls a little while ago. <3

^Credit: RosieGaga

Wonder Girls crossed the floor totally unnoticed – looking freakin FABULOUS. Went to some VIP section.

^Credit: SiblingRevelry



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