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[News] A RooRa Tribute Album Featuring WG?, 090624

June 25, 2009

Could a RooRa tribute album with G-Dragon & Wonder Girls ever be released?
By Bae SunYoung @ Newsen (

Will a RooRa tribute album featuring the music industry’s top idol groups Big Bang (G-Dragon, TaeYang, SeungRi, DaeSung, T.O.P) and Wonder Girls (SunYe, Sun Mi, SoHee, YeEun, YooBin) ever materialize?

On June 24, RooRa appeared on ‘Radio Star’—the second segment of MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery’—to discuss the long-rumored tribute album.

On this day, original RooRa member Shin JungHwan brought up the topic, telling members, “I heard there was going to be a tribute album with your juniors singing RooRa’s hit songs.”

With this, Lee SangMin made a surprising announcement, stating, “Go YoungWook said he was close to Big Bang’s G-Dragon, so I believed him. But recently he said, ‘(G-Dragon) seems to be really busy lately…’ in a pitiful way.”

In addition, RooRa members stated, “The Wonder Girls said they’d do it… But they’re currently in the US preparing for their American launch.”

In the end, it looks as though the possibility of a RooRa tribute album release remains undecided. At this the program’s MCs (Kim GooRa, Yoon JongShin, Shin JungHwan, Kim GookJin) threw everyone into a fit of laughter, asking, “Did the Wonder Girls go all the way to the US because they didn’t want to help RooRa out?”

Meanwhile, member Go YoungWook has alluded to a RooRa tribute album in the past while appearing on a radio program in 2008. He had stated, “I’m hoping Big Bang, Wonder Girls, among other juniors, can participate.”

At the time, Go YoungWook revealed that he’d asked Park JinYoung, “Can the Wonder Girls participate in a RooRa tribute album?” He stated that Park JinYoung was taken aback but answered, “The Wonder Girls are busy, so it’ll be hard for all five of them to participate. But they can help by having YooBin rap.”

MC Shin JungHwan then asked, “Juniors are normally supposed to volunteer to do a tribute album. So why are you asking, ‘Could you please record a tribute?'” and drew laughs from the group.

RooRa members answered bittersweetly, stating, “Back in our time we volunteered… But we don’t want to burden our juniors.”

During the broadcast, RooRa revealed that it was returning after 14 years to release its 9th album in early July.

[Source: Newsen ]



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