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[News] Hyunah-Sohyun “Wonder Girls Sunmi and Sohee dropping out of school, A brave decision…We hope they succeed.

June 27, 2009

Hyunah-Sohyun “Wonder Girls Sunmi and Sohee dropping out of school, A brave decision…We hope they succeed.

Wonder Girls members Sohee and Sunmi’s decision to quit school for their U.S. debut has been getting a lot of attention, 4minute’s Hyunah and Sohyun have left encouraging messages.

Recently in an Hankyung(?) interview, Sohyun and Hyunah said “Just with our debut having a busy schedule is brings us such happiness “ and “However next week is finals so we are worried” these words were said with sorrow.

Especially with the news of their peers Wonder girls Sohee and Sunmi temporary quit school in order to achieve their dreams Hyunah said “They worked hard to succeed and during those times they have endured but the news is sad” and “However, I applaud them for their decision and I hope that they succeed”.

Hyunah left Wonder Girls 2 years ago, but she is still friendly with Sohee and Sunmi.

4minute Sohyun who is currenty in middle school “Although we have to focus on performing, our schooling will not be as active. Although there are some sadness we want to encourage that there will be a good result”.

Wonder girls Sohee and Sunmi have attended Chang Moon High School and Chung Dam High School as second years but quit school school the beginning of this month for U.S. and foreign industry debut.

On the other hand, high school and junior high schooler hyunah and Sohyun “Our wish to do well in school would be greed” “Going to school and seeing our school friend’s faces once in awhile is enough to give us strength and gather memories for people like us who are in the entertainment business” .

[Translated by: Sunmikiwangjang]

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  1. RedMangoLover permalink
    June 28, 2009 12:05 AM

    I do not support MiSo dropping their high school studies; nonetheless, it was nice for 2Hyun to offer some support.

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