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Wonder Girls, Sunmi in Shanghai 29~2/12

December 9, 2009

Hey guys!
Sorry for the ‘disappearing’ act once again, apparently my laptop died shortly after i wrote my comeback post & it’s still at the repairs right now…. :/ So I couldn’t really do do anything then…. ANYWAY! I’m gonna compact Sunmi @Shanghai in one post (:

P/s: There were fan accounts saying that Sunmi cried during the concert because she let down the group or something due to her injury

Meet and Greet 29 Nov

I wish Wonder Girls would have  a 3rd fan meeting soon (with their korean fans of course)! Oh~ what good memories… Wonder tubbies, Sunmi doing “K-I-S-S Kiss~” and most especially the amount of fun they were having onstage!! I miss the atmosphere when they were home… Honestly I’m envious that they can play with their Korean fans so casually ):

The fan meeting was only for 30minutes, highlight would have to be Wonder Girls performing nobody in their normal clothes hahaha! OF WHICH, Sunmi did not perform due to her injury.

Hello everybody, I'm Xuan Mei

Check out my shoes

Sunmi at Wonder Girls Concert Dec 1

(major hotness included)

I’m sure you guys have watched this clip already….. but i’m still sharing it over here (well it’s still my job to promote her isnt it? LOL)

Now… to everyone who feels that this is so wrong, PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!!! *raises hands

I believe i’m not the only one who feels this way…. She’s only 17 (with a maturity of 21 haha) as much as i would love to see Sunmi growing up, I’d still very much prefer to see Sunmi as an innocent, 17 year old girl. Yes of course it’s just a performance but i still feel that the influence from US is perhaps too much for Sunmi to do at this time (personal opinion).

But anyway, I’m still loving her rendition of ‘Umbrella’  though it’s on my ‘replay list’ hahaha. I hope she gets more chances to do collabs or solo songs in future.

You can stand under my Umbrella~

Sunmi Umbrella

eh eh eh~

Sunmi Umbrella

eh eh eh~

This is just so wrong


MTV Style Gala 2 Dec

I totally love seeing Wonder Girls photos on the red carpet!!! It’s very unlike the usual ‘Wonder Girls’ since they all get to wear different clothes, different make-up etc. And most of all, they get to strut down a thunderstorm of flashlights, i bet it must’ve hurt their eyes so badly.

I’m pleased with Sunmi’s dressing and hairstyle, but not so much on her wearing high heels for the red carpet. Though she didnt wear heels for her performance (YAY!).


Flat-soled Nobody!

wonder girls

Hello we are the Wonder Girls


Asian Artiste of the Year Award

wonder girls

The award is ours!

[Source: Wonderfuls World]
[Credit: as tagged]

  1. juicebox permalink
    December 9, 2009 2:56 PM

    APPLE! :)

    just wanted to say i agree, sunmi def. does not… act like a 17yearold in that Umbrell performance.
    but it’s good! :)
    ..just like “woah… how old is she again?” hehehe
    and the garter was rather o___o”


  2. Kamille permalink
    December 10, 2009 12:19 AM

    OMG theNOM is back.. well at least a comment from her. :D

    I don’t know if im older than her … i dont know anymore. hahaha

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