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Project: Waiting For Sunmi – everyday… everynight…

April 3, 2010

Hey guys!
So sorry for the late update over here but I’ve got a couple of good news for you guys this time ^^

I’m pretty sure everyone’s aware that Sunmi Day falls on the 2nd of every month from now on… If it’s isn’t enough (of course it isn’t) here’s a project that you can take part in EVERY SINGLE DAY of the month!

This project will be done under the name of “Wonder Girls Fan Union – For Sunmi” as a joint effort and support by both Korean and International WonderFuls.

Project: Waiting for Sunmi — Everyday… Everynight…

Since Sunmi made her decision to leave and pursue her studies, WonderFuls have been united in our support of her decision and have promised that we will until the day she returns. Motivated by this anticipation, we bring to you a new gift-project that will encapsulate fans’ love, belief and hope for her eventual come back!

A website has been created: For Sunmi (click)

Here, fans will be able to leave messages describing feelings and memories for each day spent waiting and hoping. These messages will be collated at the end of each month. Eventually a physical book will be made as a comeback gift for Sunmi. This book will consist of pages filled with messages compiled for the month (so there will be an April page, a May page etc.)

Since no date has been set for Sunmi’s comeback, we will let these monthly pages accumulate until her comeback date is finally announced. The book will then be given to her so that she will be able to see that for everyday that she was gone, Wonderfuls have been supporting her and thinking about her. We will let her know that she was missed dearly, every single day.

To help get this done efficiently, we have some basic rules & guidelines for your messages:

1. All messages have to be written in either Korean or English.
2. The message limit is 50 characters (Korean) & 140 characters (English)
3. All messages should be directed to Sunmi or The Wonder Girls only
4. Please avoid ‘spamming’ and duplication of messages
5. For obvious reasons, please refrain from bashing.


DEADLINE: To be decided upon news of Sunmi’s comeback.

**Sub-Project: “Waiting for Sunmi” Page Design (Monthly)

Additionally, every month we will also hold a contest where FANS will be able to contribute designs for the pages that get featured in the physical book. Essentially, the winning design will be used for the message page of that month. Get creative with all that love you have for Sunmi and make a unique contribution to a meaningful project :)


Example Page Design

*Contest for page design is NOT OPEN yet.
**Details for participating in the page design will be updated later.

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  1. noskire32 permalink
    April 3, 2010 9:46 PM

    I love this!! Thank you for making this happen!!
    we love Sunmi forever!! <3

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