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[Trans] Weather updates from our weather girl, Sunmi!

August 24, 2010

” 아빠차를 타고가다가….ㅋ 먹구름가운데햇빛>_<* “

Translations: “In my father’s car… ke dark clouds surrounding the sun >_<* “

” 먹구름이 너무 무섭다.. “

Translations: ” The dark clouds are so scary.. “

“후후하하 Finally I went to the beach with my family!! 근데 좀 썰렁하다잉-_ㅠ히히히”

Translations: “huhuhaha Finally I went to the beach with my family!! but it was a little chilly -_ㅠ hehehe “

P/s: I’m not the best translator you can find, but I’ll try & see what I can do, so to the least you guys can understand what Sunmi’s tweets are about ^^

[Source: mimimimi0502@Twitter]

  1. kwanmimi permalink
    August 24, 2010 9:11 PM

    thank you so much for your translate. ^________^

    miss SunMi so much.

  2. JaaanLeeyy permalink
    August 24, 2010 9:12 PM

    Dark clouds surrounding the sun(Sunye) … I hate those dark clouds .. let the sun go ..

    I would love to hear more of the weather forecast from forecaster Sunmi the future ^ ^

    Gooo mimi!

  3. WonderSuju permalink
    August 24, 2010 11:49 PM

    lol Sun Mi is so cute~~~ let Sun go you dark clouds!!

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