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[Trans] Pre-debut 13 Year Old Sunmi, 50 Qns at SM Auditions

August 25, 2010

Truthfully, I got this piece of information quite awhile ago but I didn’t have the time to put together earlier, so sorry! Hope you enjoy reading this, cos’ I was laughing so much while doing it as well Kkkkk~

Anyway, here you go!~

50 Questions answered by our 13 year-old Sunmi during her auditions for SM Ent.^^

P/s: I have added the Chinese version below as well it was translated directly from the original.

[Source: WGCN]
[Kor-Chi Translations: aniunxuan, aashome]
[Chi-Eng Translations: Apple, WGChristine, Witchkyungmi]

  1. hi =] permalink
    August 25, 2010 7:43 AM

    hahhah, it sounds just like SunMi :P

  2. August 25, 2010 9:07 AM

    Thanks Apple, WGChristine and Witchkyungmi.
    This is so awesome and so SUNMI!!!!!
    Even at 13 she was 100% herself.
    LUV HER!!!!

  3. iheARTsunmi permalink
    August 25, 2010 9:22 AM

    thank god she didn’t go totally in sm..hehe

  4. Kamille permalink
    August 25, 2010 9:49 AM

    Omg. Wahahahahahaaha. She’s too cute even then. She actually conquered asia already. I want to know what will sunmi be when she is 23 yrs old

  5. kwanmimi permalink
    August 25, 2010 12:15 PM

    Thank you so much for your translated and shared.

    She answered some question funny.

  6. WGs4ever permalink
    August 25, 2010 2:06 PM

    Im now translating this one into vietnamese. Her answers at that time were so cute and natural =D
    Our baby has grown up :”>
    Thank u all for the wonderful translation <3

  7. August 25, 2010 6:52 PM

    any video about this? i can’t found it on youtube..

  8. sammie permalink
    September 2, 2010 10:12 AM

    she so blunt with her answer! So cute and funny. THANK YOU!

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