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[Trans] Twitter – Lets watch Pororo with Sunmi!

September 11, 2010

@jhr910 타마타마타마타마타마
Translations: tama-tama-tama-tama-tama (In Keroro Gunso, the chanting sound of character, Tamama)

우리 심심한데 뽀로로나 볼까? 어린이들의 우상 뽀로로~
Translations: Shall we watch pororo since we’re bored? every child’s idol pororo~ (Pororo is a character in a Korean cartoon series)

I know I left one tweet out… I’mma do it tomorrow since there are words that I don’t know >_> sorry!

[Source: mimimimi0502@Twitter]
[Translations: Apple @ Sunmi Jjang]


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