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[Trans] Twitter – Chef Sunmi advises on preparing a delicious meal

September 13, 2010

(WGYENNY) @mimimimi0502 계란은 반숙♥
Translations: soft-boiled eggs ♥

밥에다 간장좀 넣고 참기름 좀 넣어서 비벼가지고 위에다 계란후라이 얹고 신김치랑 먹으면 진짜 맛있겠다. 어때요? 공감?
Translations: On your rice put a little soy sauce add a bit of sesame oil and mix. On top, add fried eggs and have it with over-fermented kimchi, it is really delicious. how is it? agree?

[Source: mimimimi0502, WGYenny @Twitter]
[Translations: Apple @ Sunmi Jjang]


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