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[Trans] Sunmi, “Do you like black bean noodles?”

September 19, 2010

Listen to “Jung Wha Ban Jum” below:

English translation of the lyrics:

First Guy: Hey Everyone, Do you like Chinese Black Bean Noodles?
2nd guy: No!
1st Guy: Then what do you like?
2nd: Spicy Chinese Noodles!

First Guy: Awww yea this is 1999, Chung Hwa Bang Jum [Chinese Restaurant] is coming here just like someone in Lien Jang Shin, China. [gibberish in wannabe Chinese]

Hoo Ha! Hoo Ha!
Hoo Ha! Hoo Ha!

From the fairest Provinces the most famous and desired food is from our Jung Hwa Bang Jum [Chinese Restaurant], in Seoul, Mak Po Go.
Our Spicy Chinese Noodles are insanely good.
And our Chinese Black Bean Noodles are no joke
The daikon [side dish] is free,
The green onions are free,
Heck even the spoon is for free!

Our notorious boss Hwang is a lusty lover.
The chef who used to do these dishes at the
Martial Arts Temple kitchen.

Our delivery guy is like lightning.
Bara Bara Bara Ba.
Our wok is going out of the door.
Chung Hwa Bang Jum is going to the top!
[screams back “It’s cold!” (it’s a bad thing)]

Eat feverishly till you get sick of eating.
Get sick of eating, Then start eating again!
Then eat again till you fall over. Eat again and go and knead that dough! [good noodles are made fresh]
Eat feverishly, then get sick of it.
Then eat again. Get sick of it.
Eat again and shake it down
Then go knead that dough for the second time
Then eat again and knead some more dough.

Jung Hwa Bang Jum. [X4]
Jung Hwa Bang Jum. HEY!
Jung Hwa Bang Jum. HEY!
Jung Hwa Bang Jum!

La la la la la la la la la
La la la la, la la la, la la la la!
La la la la la la.

Say Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Jung Hwa Bang Jum
Jung Hwa Bang Jum
Jung Hwa Bang Jum HEY
Jung Hwa Bang Jum HEY
Jung Hwa Bang Jum

Jung Hwa Bang Jum [x5]
Hoo Ha! Hoo Ha!
Hoo Ha! Hoo Ha!

E Are San Shu YEA!!! [one, two, three, four in Chinese]

지금당장 중화반점 찾아들어봅니다. 나초등학교때 진짜 인기짱이였는데 개그송으로…

전설의 중화반점 노래를 모르는거야????????????????설마-_-???????

짜장좋아해이??????짬뽕은뿅가게 짜장면은 짱잘해~~~~

Good good good good! I love rainy day. Hahaha I love ya!! 이거 그치면 추워지겠다..이제..그치??

[Source: mimimimi0502@Twitter, English Lyrics]
[Translations: Apple @ Sunmi Jjang]

  1. WGs4ever permalink
    September 19, 2010 6:08 PM

    She’s such a cutie funny girl <3
    she should get into comedy! xD


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