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[Trans] Sunmi Tweets 5

November 15, 2010

ㅡㅅㅡ. 안소히양의 공식표정 입니다.
ㅡㅅㅡ. ahn sohee’s official expression/look.

노래할때 말고 평상시 내 목소리’0 ‘
not my singing voice but my normal speaking voice ‘0 ‘

아 내 목소리 싫다 진짜
ah I really don’t like my voice

@DCppA 우리 어무니같은 말을 하시네요’ㅅ’??
@DCppA my mother says the same thing’ㅅ’??

왜 항상 시계를 보면 4시44분이지 흠?? 새벽이건 낮이건..
why is it always 4:44 when I look at the clock hmm?? whether it’s dawn or afternoon..

나 잔다~
I’m going to sleep~

today’s @WGMARKPD’s birthday! hehehe 생일축하해요 피디님!
today’s @WGMARKPD’s birthday! hehehe happy birthday pd-nim

L T N S !
Long Time No See!

ㅂ ㄱ ㅍ ( 배고파 )
Initials for “I’m hungry”

[Source: mimimimi0502@Twitter]
[Translations: Apple @ Sunmi Jjang]

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